Small and big business alike are ever seeking for new opportunities to grow even bigger thus moving more products. In fact in 2013, Port of Toronto moved approximately 1.6 million metric tonnes of cargo. As they grow, processes increase in number and become harder to handle. As such, most companies are seeking to outsource some of their processes including warehousing to enable them to put their focus on more important aspects of their businesses. As a new entrepreneur, this might be a new line of thought but one that has proven to be effective for many young and veteran companies in the industry. To help tip you in favour of this, below are some reasons why outsourcing your warehousing services is a great idea.


As you penetrate into new markets, introduce new products and experience an overall growth, your transportation needs, and inventory levels will without a doubt follow suit. By yourself, you may not be able to foretell just how much space you might need. And in the event you can predict this accurately, making the relevant changes and plans may prove to be a daunting and time-consuming process. Outsourcing your warehousing will enable the company to adjust to the increased costs of distribution and better handle the inventories that have gone through the roof.

All under one roof

With warehousing companies, the company’s warehousing and transportation services will all be under one roof. All shipments will happen in a timely and efficient way irrespective of their different destinations. Gone are the days you will be making random single shipments to clients. The economic benefits are huge especially when you factor in the discounts offered by many of the warehousing in Toronto.


Truth be told, many entrepreneurs and managers do not have the supply chain as their major. While they still can handle the processes, they do it with a lot of difficulties, disrupting the natural flow of distribution. A warehouse service provider like RTL has the knowledge necessary to propel your business where it needs to be. With this experience, your distribution and transportation processes will be streamlined much to the benefit of the company and customers alike.

State of the art solutions

Many infant and growing companies do not have the luxury to invest in current warehousing technologies. This in itself becomes a problem to efficient inventory processing, transportation, and distribution. A warehousing company, on the other hand, is specialized to offer services such as these. As such, they can afford, in fact, it is mandatory that they invest in state of the art solutions to effect smooth operations.

Reduced expenses

When building a warehouse and distribution and transport infrastructure, a company will need a considerable amount of investment. Going down this road might have the company in charge of its operations but will also tie down most of its finances causing instability. To grow, a company will have to inject money in the investment. Outsourcing processes to a third party company, however, will reduce the risk and provide for the rerouting of these finances to the growth of the business.

With all that said, if you are in need of warehousing in Toronto, outsourcing from a third party company is the best way to go.

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