There are several places you can search for if you need help with basement finishing ideas. If your basement is usually damp and cold, it’s necessary to get the basic repair service done just before starting your basement renovation. You have to get rid of moulds on your walls before setting out for a great basement renovation. Aside the negative effect that moulds have on the basement finishing, they can also alter the beauty of a finished basement. Moulds also pose serious threats to health, especially for those who are asthmatic

Basement Finishing Ideas

Basement Kitchens and Cantina

 Regardless of what you intend converting your basement into including basement apartment, in-law suite, or a cantina, The Basement Finishing Company can help you create the basement kitchen of your dreams. You can choose from a wide range of options including flooring, cabinetry, imitation granite and other natural stone counter stops.

Basement Kitchen – Parties: It is a known fact that a great party depends on the buoyancy of the kitchen. This is where the food and drinks used for merriment comes from.  A Basement kitchen will relieve you the stress of going upstairs to fix a snack.

Basement Kitchen – In-law Suite: The In-law suite is usually specifically designed to extend living spaces and also to allow guests enjoy the much needed privacy. Most people will be looking for a perfect space that allows the freedom to cook their own meal.

Basement Kitchen – Food Production:  Most people love to prepare a lot of food at home. You can design you basement kitchen into place where you can prepare volume food production such as jams, sauces and sausages.

Basement Bar and Wine Cellar:

The basement can serve as a perfect place to hang out with family and friends.   You can transform that unused space right beneath you into a basement bar. There are several options to choose from including a crescent shaped bar, an “L” shaped bar or a simple straight bar along a wall. Once renovated, you can install several items such as a mini beer fridge, a keg and tap, a wine fridge, rack and cellar, some hanging cabinets for glasses, mirror and glass shelves, dishwasher, sink and also a couple of comfortable seats for your visitors.  With this item in place, your guests will feel at home and enjoy bit of the moment.

Basement Bar –Sports Theme: Decorate your basement bar with a sports theme for watching several great sporting activities including basketball, football, hockey, baseball, golf, cricket or any other sport of your choice.

Basement Bar – English Pub

Billiards, darts and a pint of warm beer more your style? You can create a basement bar that will take you down memory lane into the era of old England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Here, you can choose to decorate your basement bar with materials that matches your favourite team’s color.

Basement Bar – Private Club

For those who have special tastes in food, wine and cigar, you can turn your basement into a private club featuring a gourmet kitchen, bar, wine cellar and a sophisticated dining room designed to meet your needs.

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