There are ample numbers of branded brain enhancer supplements in the market. To buy the best one among them, the buyer has to consider a few points, which will help in purchasing the most effective drug. Modafinil is one such supplement widely consumed to improve cognitive functions of the brain.

Few of its best qualities are to increase the concentration power, keep the mind alert and focused. It was first introduced in the early 70s as a medicine used for treating narcolepsy. Today, it is used to cure varied sleep disorder conditions and enhance brain cognitive functions. In few countries, it is stated as the right alternative to ‘Provigil’, a drug to keep awake for long hours specially used by soldiers and overnight workers.

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A note about Modafinil:

The doses of the supplement are used to avoid sleeping disorders, have high clarity of mind and to stay alert. It improves your mood and simultaneously your mind becomes more productive.  The drug can be taken as per the prescription issued by your doctor. It can be taken before or after meals. It is been advised by medical practitioners to take its doses in moderate amount as larger proportions will surely effect your general health. It is beneficial when you take it in short periods stopping for few weeks before continuing its dosage again.

How is it able to generate such beneficial qualities?

It has great effect on peripheral sympathetic system. It mainly stimulates anterior hypothalamus and dopamine (a neurotransmitter responsible for human mind to stay alert and focused). When taken in right proportions, it has positive effect on glutamatergic system helping to reduce the proportions of GABA receptors.

Having the proportions in moderate level will be beneficial. Otherwise you may fall prey to its side effects like rising of your blood pressure, liver malfunctions, mental health issues and even get addicted which will surely lead to severe health complications. Thus, 200mg dosage will be right for you to have per day.

If you start the dosage from minimum proportions like 100 mg and slowly increase its level, the effect will be more positive and lessen the chance of you enduring any complications. Hence, to be safe from wrong interactions and side effects take the drug in accordance to your medical advisor.

Make sure that you buy the supplement from reliable sources. Presently buying from online reputable source will be cost effective as well as you will get superior quality drug.


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