Life has been circling around the advents of technology these days. In short, technology makes our life easier and makes our work more productive. This article will help you get an idea about the efficiency, power consumption and other processes which are a part of your AC, Fan, and cooler. Let’s discuss the details of what and when coming to the area of AC, Fan, and cooler.  


The power consumption of a fan differs from a specific air volume to another. You can notice that the pressure increases directly as well. Even the fan’s efficiency depends on the ratio of the airflow and the power used by it. If you look at the cost effectiveness, Fan is the cheapest in the lot, and they don’t even consume a lot of energy.

The usual problem is a noise coming from your ceiling fan. In that case, you should –

  • Tight all the screws.
  • Make sure wires are not rattling.
  • Make sure the blades are not cracked.

If you have a short budget and don’t want to be in the synthetic atmosphere and prefer natural cooling of the room, then you should go for fans. To know even more about fans, explore this site.

The next one in the list is – AC

Air conditioners consume quite a good amount of energy. This is the same issue with the cities with climatic indifference. In summers you can see a spike of around 50% of the energy costs. A fan doesn’t reduce the room temperature. AC lowers the temperature by 75 or 78 degrees. One can conjugate fan with AC and save quite a good sum of money.AC is as well regarded as a sign of extravagant luxury. But nowadays urban households have AC quite frequently. It is a great aid against thermal insulation of the room.


Coolers are more price convenient than Air conditioners. They are good about energy consumption as well. AC makes the inner temperature dry, but cooler gives a better sustainability. Fresh air can be felt coming or passing over the evaporative pad. Though there is no option to control the temperature of the cooler like it is available in AC.If you are someone who believes in “greenery and productive nature,” then Coolers are a good option. It uses water in spite of CFC’S which are harmful to the environment. Coolers are installed in windows of a room.

The first step in fixing your damaged cooler is to know what the problems are exactly.  Here are some possible reasons and the solutions.

Primary motor breakdown – In that case, you have to change the motor to the next available size or modify the blades or amend the tube bundles. Sometimes the fan of the cooler can stop working.  The most common cause is the dual shaft fan motor can be decamped, or someone might turn the blades by hand manually. In both cases, you have to replace the motor fan or the relay board. Another common problem is the compressor of the cooler is not running.  The most frequent cause of it the temperature control thermostat is over burned. In that case, you have to replace the temperature control board.

In an area which is dreadfully hot and dry, Coolers can be your savior. It is cost efficient as well. The fan can be your option if you are low with your budget. Some of the well-known brands who supply good quality fans and coolers are Atomberg, Havells and Crompton Greaves, etc. Decide as per your needs. The excessive use of AC or the cooler considered as one of the prime cause of air pollution and the global warming.  So it depends on us how we use and misuse the benediction of technology. Always remember,” Technology can be bane or boon, but its utility depends on us.”

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