If you think practically, it is really difficult to establish any connection between oranges and a clock. Novomatic, the largest international gambling company has done it. This developer of online slot games has introduced this game which promises you unlimited fun. The new age Mazooma game is loaded with wonderful features. The fruit orange rules this game which you can play for a number of stake options. Here, what you need to aim at is, to land at three identical icons along a single line with no other icon in between. There is also a wild symbol which can act as a substitute of any symbol. The reels are placed along a 5 x 3 grid and you have 20 different lines to choose. The clock keeps ticking and your faith gets decided. You can conveniently play such online casino slot games from your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The look and feel

The name of this popular online gambling game has been inspired by the famous 1971’s ‘film by Stanley Kubrick Clockwork Oranges which is UK’s one of the well-known arcade classics. This slot game is based on an interesting concept that includes a variety of mouth-watering fruits like cherries, lemons, plums, watermelon and definitely oranges. Its overall look is a lot more colorful compared to any other Mazooma slot. It has a red striped backdrop with blue ribbons hanging from the top. Since the theme is based on time, various types of time pieces are displayed to give it an attractive look. In the lower part of the screen, you can see the control panel where lies all the buttons that are required to play the game. At the middle portion lies the buttons that help to choose how many of the 20 paylines you want to bet on and how many coins you wish to put at stake.

How to play

Before you start playing the game, you should be aware of the features:

  • If one hand is displayed, you can earn upto 100 x Total Bet
  • In case of two hands,  you can earn upto 250 x Total Bet
  • In case of three hands,  you can earn upto 500 x Total Bet

Now, you need to start by choosing how many clock hands you want to play with. Then a winning clock that has twelve fruit symbols on it appears with either 1, 2 or 3 hands. On one side, there is a display of a triple combination of all of the fruit symbols that are visible on the clock. When you start playing, the hands move. The moment they stop, the relevant fruit icons light up in the display area. If three identical icons light up, you win a multiplier of the total bet.

Exciting features

The 1 hand, 2 hand and 3 hand features will determine your winning amount. This feature can be triggered by collecting all the three oranges. The wild icon gives you the highest winning combination. Along with lucrative features, this online slot game also promises you the highest payout option.

Though Clockwork Oranges may apparently seem like a simple casino slot game, once you start playing, you will realize, it is one of the most exciting games that have great winning opportunities.


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