Were now living in an age of internet technology and digital media prevailing which largely alters the way business conducted. Recent years, business has expanded globally so that more employees have to work worldwide. Under the circumstance, not only has the communication mode between employer and employees changed, but also among the staffs, cooperative partners, and clients. So the significance of collaboration tools for online business communication have been realized gradually. Thus as a modern technology, video conferencing is an excellent collaboration solution for web meeting, online training and cooperation negotiation etc.. This is the reason why the importance of video conferencing in business is extraordinarily concerned these days. Here we are going to analyse what it can brings to the employees or even the whole enterprise.


  • Cut Back on Travel Cost

Video conferencing has played an essential role in the online meeting for telecommuting, especially for international conferences which originally should have consumed massive time, costs and manpower for travel to another country. While all these problems are solved when video conference software like ezTalks Meetings is gradually applied to affair management and negotiation room for its great meeting functions allow you to get all the decisions done while just sitting in your own office. Expenses can be reduced and geographical distance is no longer a barrier for remote business.

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  • Increase Working Efficiency

It is obvious that video conferencing will promote employees working efficiency greatly. No matter how far the distance is, online meeting is able to facilitate the confirmation of significant decisions and shorten the negotiation duration comparing to the common way of business trip. Now emergency is able to be dealt with in time as long as internet equipped instead of a flight ticket. Video conferencing increases working efficiency by a big margin!


  • Improve Communication Quality

Youve probably ever heard the studythe large majority of communication is nonverbal, which is particularly overt in business. Hence the importance of video conferencing in business communication is highlighted since telephony conference is not good enough for one to judge the attitude of the other side. But through the real-time HD video, people can communicate to their clients or partners face to face so as to grab every details of expression, gesture and emotion to adjust themselves accordingly. Video conferencing can help to improve online group communication and succeed in negotiation by observing body language of the opposite party.


  • Promote Employee Capability

The key to elevate enterprise comprehensive ability is to promote employeesprofessional capability. Referring to the impact of video conferencing on business, one application definitely can not be neglected—training. Training by video conference software, such as ezTalks Meetings, is capable to satisfy the limited spare time of office workers and enhance their professional knowledge at the same time. The functions of file sharing, whiteboard demonstration and annotation collaboration offer employees the same training experience of real classroom while with the least time and budget consumption.


From above we can easily see that the video conferencing impact on business is positive and comprehensive in this era. Although the great distance existed for international business, effective online meeting tools will help to get twofold results with half the effort, and the staff will prefer to working in a more productive enterprise with advanced collaboration facilities. Video conferencing is the good helper for business!


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