Games have been popular with a section of people from long past and there are people who forget everything when they sit with their video games. You will find this to be true when you find young or old people sitting with the video games for hours to win a particular game challenge or a tournament. Some keep playing online video games with people who are sitting online at different parts of the world. The countless hours of Pokemon games or Pacman games can never bring in any tiredness for the player. There are different effects of this video gaming and some key factors that makes it appealing to the lot.

Speed and sense of make believe

There are people who love these video games that make it a shooting spree between the good and evil people. These shooting games are very fast and have got some story behind them. The whole thing is alternate reality and is also different from the ethereum gambling that are found with different casino games. The story telling is good but often the realityin it attracts the player and he takes part in the game as a part of the digital reality. These games are often played with the television screen and often would end with some trigger words like “say what!” These make believe world bring the players together and hence the video games are so popular.

Responses are real

You get freedom of choice while playing the video games. The movies or books and even the television shows have everything scripted. These games are real and they bring out real response from different players. The responses are not scripted but the players have their own specific way of responses that are real.  The final boss is to be killed and different people do it their own way. The journey is therefore real and authentic. The responses are unique and so are the people who play these games. They love the plots and players both.

Beauty and imagination become comfortable

There are some beautiful and interesting stories in these video games. The Last of Us is a video game and it tool storytelling to a very imaginative area. The players will also love the world that is a good imagination and they will also not like to face the real world that has got different pressures and drawbacks. They love the imaginary world and would like to remain within that lovely digital fortress. They relate to the characters and would learn from them too. These gaming series will have philosophical values that the players would like to learn and apply in the real world.

Multiple life lessons

There are some of the casino games and ethereum gamblingthat have some stories but there the main goal is to win the game. This is to earn the winning amount. The video games tell you a story and weave it around you to make you a part of it. There are some make believe in it or you may find few lessons for life. There you may find some camaraderie and healthy relationships. There are stories that show you different part of the world and others give you an idea of the different difficulties that you may face in life. These philosophies are good for people who love these games and would also find their memories working better by regular exercise with the memory games. You learn to cherish the memories and the true value of friendship.

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