Most times, we don’t appreciate the people in our lives as much as we should. This dawns on us the minute we have to let them go. Saying goodbye can be for a short period with a change of locations or for long during the last moments of a sick person. In both scenarios, it is never easy to let them go. Farewells may cause confusion and stress, but when it is too hard, some people develop anxiety disorders.

Adult anxiety disorder is a severe problem that affects the lives of a person who finds it hard to let go. It is an extreme case of allowing loneliness and ill thoughts affect your physical and mental being. Finding ways to cope with the anxiety can make it easy for you to handle their departure. We will look at what this condition entails, its symptoms and teach you ways to cope.

What is adult separation anxiety?

This is a psychological condition that affects most teenagers when they have to part with people close to them. Few adults are also affected by this form of anxiety. It may be the first time you are being taken to boarding school or the first time you are letting go of a spouse. Doctors say that this form of anxiety may last up to 15 months according to the emotional attachment that exists in people. The fear of the unknown may cause a person’s situation worsen with time.

Signs and symptoms of the condition

Understanding the symptoms of this condition can help you move past it. You may be the kind that holds on to people excessively. The idea of being separated from those you love may freak you out. Some people with this condition experience panic attacks and mood swings even after their loved one has left. Others become paranoid and imagine danger happening to the person departing. Some withdraw from the rest of the world and refuse to attend classes or work. You may have trouble sleeping or eating.

How can you deal with this kind of anxiety?


Living in denial of someone leaving can make it challenging to recover. You need to accept that they have departed and that it does not mean that you will not see them again. Stop clinging to sentimental items that remind you of them so that you can control your mood swings.

Change your perception

If you are having negative thoughts from adult separation anxiety, learn to change this mentality. Stop listening to voices that discourage you but substitute them with a positive feeling. You can start by looking at the situation as a temporary one because only mountains do not meet.

Avoid using drugs when lonely

You may have spent your entire childhood with a person who has to go. Loneliness is bound to creep in during the first few months. Some people use alcohol and drugs to keep them high as a way of controlling the pain. Drug addiction treatment Georgia can help you find better ways to deal with adult separation anxiety and prevent you from addiction.

Find healthy distractions

To avoid negative emotions, do something constructive to distract your mind. The world does not end with the departure of your parent. You may still have piling work to complete. Use these activities to help you avoid getting emotional.

Take deep breaths

Whenever you feel like sobbing as you remember the good times you shared, take deep breathes to calm down. Move your focus to the breathing as you disregard your confusion and relieve tension. Use this technique alongside words encouraging yourself to continue breathing.


Look for a support group

The National Alliance on Adult separation anxiety would be ideal for you to find support. Connecting with people with the same condition can encourage you to conquer your fear.

Attend therapy

Luckily, there are therapists out there who specialize in this condition. You only need to find them through your doctor so that they can recommend better ways of coping. Engage in therapy that ranges from cognitive behavioral and exposure therapy. This helps you learn how to handle the fear of being separated from a loved one.

Implement visualization techniques

Sometimes, visualizing things that bring you peace can help reduce anxiety. Close your eyes and allow your mind to wander to a place that you feel safe and happy. You can, for instance, visualize on a beautiful setting that is surrounded by nature. This will take you away from the present condition so that when you open your eyes, you feel peaceful.

Seek medication

Anti-anxiety pills can help you relax whenever you get stressed. Talk to a doctor and reveal to them what you may be going through for them to know the severity of your symptoms.

Stay in touch

Fortunately, the world is now a global village. Having to go to a different location should not limit your communication. Feel free to video chat or call them no matter the distance. This will help you get past your fears with the assurance that they are doing well. Encourage each other that the distance will pass soon so that you overcome loneliness.

Connect with friends and family

Allow your friends to help you fill the gap of the departure of a parent or partner. Do not isolate yourself in your room for days. A friend can help you when anxious and listen to you when you need a hand. Find an adult figure that you feel comfortable with and confide in them.

Final thoughts

It is normal to miss the people we love when they are gone but holding on to this feeling for months can cause serious problems. Even though separation anxiety disorder does not have a specific cure, using the strategies above can help you reduce the symptoms for you to recover. The problem with the society is that people may assume that you are too sensitive when indeed there is more to the pain. Don’t suffer in silence with the fear of being misjudged but find the right channels to open up so that you can take one day at a time.

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