Steroids have been illegal for some time but now everyone came to know the potency of the real thing. The legal steroids and their alternatives are quickly catching up as a viable alternative to the black market illegal steroids. From last few years the serious body builders have been using the alternative legal steroids to achieve amazing results. Androstenedione are the closest thing to real steroids and these are available legally. These alternative steroids when used correctly, they become both safe and effective way to boost the strength, energy and muscle recovery. The first legal steroid that body builders used and promoted was the androstenedione and it is also known as prohormone. After the introduction of Andro, there is many alternatives have been emerged over few years. There was a debate that whether increasing the amount of Andro will increase the effect but with any other drug it is dangerous to start altering the dosage unless supervised by qualified people. Many people are scared to buy steroids even for medication, as they believe that it causes many side effects. It is also true that certain steroid usage can create many side effects. But if one uses the right drug in the right proportion, they will not have to worry about the side effects. The steroids can be taken orally or it can be injected. Before getting steroid injection, it is important to meet a good doctor, because they will prescribe the right type and amount of steroid that has to be used.

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Effects of steroids:

There are many types of steroid, among these three main types are commonly used. Corticosteroids are the main among these steroids and they are generally prescribed by doctors for many medical issues. These are associated with adrenal complex, which influences much process in body including the metabolism and also maintains water balance and it is responsible for the functioning of the cardiovascular system, bones and even the functioning of the kidneys. These are also prescribed by doctors for inflammation and itching in the body. As discussed before androgen steroids are also another important steroid. These are commonly used by teenagers for lean muscle growth. Many common people consider that steroids including androgens are the only steroid and it is used for body building alone. In body building process this steroid can be injected to the body. Before getting steroid injection one should be aware of its pros and cons. Like any other medication, steroids also have side effects in the body. One of the common side effects of steroids is, it increases the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and decreased levels of good cholesterol. Athletes who make use of steroids may end up experiencing increased acne. Sterility in both male and females is also a side effect of steroid use, because the body’s hormones are altered during the use of these steroids. Although, there are alternatives to avoid side effects of steroid use, some effects are simply irreversible no matter how hard one tries.

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