What is the most fun thing that one remembers doing in their childhood? Was it dancing in the rain or having unlimited cola in summer? There are so many things that make our childhood unique. We wish to go back and have fried snacks and play bingo Slingo all over again. The origin of digital games has made children more into electronics. But there are still some rare types of games that one can play. The world of casinos is an example of that. But as it is for a limited age group, let us see some of the types of games that made our childhood fun. 

  • Board Games

The family package of games came in the form of board games. There have been many educational games as well. One can find them changed into a digital format, but the original ones are still in demand. I see some of the famous board games, such as:

  • Chess
  • Ludo
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Monopoly
  • Puzzles 

There are endless games that many friends and family can play. Board games have taken the form of digital as well. 

  • Video Games 

Many multinational companies realized the most excellent way of playing games. The different games and adventures introduced the kids with remotes and visual effects. There is still a big craze for such devices. One can play for the whole afternoon and still don’t get bored. Video games limit the number of players, and new features make them enjoyable. The usage of remotes, options in games, no continued payment to play the game, and many more. Video games were no less than a revolution among children and also gamers. The label of gamers and the profession was also developed thanks to the different types of exciting video games. 

  • Money Games

Many games are invented and require real money. Many people used to visit casinos for them, but now they are on your mobile phone.

There are many education-based games under which players earn money if they answer all the questions correctly. There are both educational and sports games under which one can earn money or points. Making money was never like the games, but now the time has changed. People can learn and reach simultaneously, and there have been freelancers that earn through them. 


Games have been a fun part of our childhood, but they have grown up too. There are many types of games discussed in this article. One can understand the evolution of the fun times. There are many types, but the fun in them remains the same. One can spend their summer afternoons playing with their friends and family. They are added to the luxurious lives as well. Now they are both for multiple players and a single-player as well. One can get education as well fun at the same time. Children worldwide spend their time on various boards, stations, and digital platforms.

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Ramon Lopez