Jenga is one of the most classic games that will put your soft touch and balance to ultimate tests. What’s more, it is a great and fun game to play with family, friends, schoolmates, and even co-workers. But are you aware that you can transform this game into a drinking game that can be enjoyed by small as well as large groups of people? Well, it is possible.

When there is alcohol involved, this classic Jenga game is called the Jenga drinking game. As a matter of fact, it is a nice game to play at parties or sleepovers and find out who actually is a Jenga master.

Perhaps, you’re wondering how to play this drinking game. If yes, then keep on reading!

How to Play Jenga Drinking Game

Write Rules on the blocks

This game is mostly similar to the usual Jenga but with some twists. To begin with, take the Jenga pieces and then write a different rule, game, or dare for every piece. However, if you are having a hard time coming up with dares and rules that you can write on the blocks, here are some of the best ideas that you can use.

  • Bartender – you need to refill everybody’s drink immediately
  • Four eyes – players wearing glasses need to take a shot
  • Drink Three – drink 3 times
  • Drink Two – drink twice
  • Dwarf – the smallest person will need to drink thrice and will choose another person who will also drink three times.
  • 60s bands – you need to name two bands from the sixties, but if you can’t drink two times
  • Giant – the tallest player will need to drink thrice and will choose another person who will also drink three times
  • Old man – the eldest player needs to take a shot
  • Waterfall – when a player picks out this block, he/she needs to take a shot and the rest will follow

Aside from the above mentioned, there are other rules that you can write, you just need to be creative.

Set up the blocks

After writing the rules, set up the blocks just like the usual Jenga. Put down three Jenga blocks side-by-side then stack three more blocks on top of that row but the reverse way. Continue making this pattern ‘til you have utilized all your blocks and have made a tall tower.

Start the game

Now that you have set up the blocks read the instructions written in the box. Aforementioned, playing drunk Jenga is like playing the regular Jenga. The only difference is that when a player picks out a certain block, he/she needs to do what is written on it.


While the Jenga drinking game is fun, you need to remember to drink responsibly. Also, keep in mind that not everybody drinks. That is why you shouldn’t force a player to drink. If they want to participate in the game give them something drink like soda, water, or a non-alcoholic version of what everybody is drinking. Nevertheless, if you want to play this game a bit longer, rather than drinks change it to a shot.

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