Very few sports have captured public attention and inspired awe quite like bodybuilding. Over the years, bodybuilders have been symbols of fortitude and perseverance. This idolizing of athletes involved in the fitness industry has only increased with the advent of social media. Literally every other person on Instagram or Facebook is a fitness model, professing to be fitness coaches and promising unparalleled and instant results. Several thousand people see these perfectly chiseled and flawless bodies on a daily basis, and set about mimicking workouts and diet plans. What most people fail to realize is that most of these athletes have the added advantage of using a substance that provides gains and results at a speed and quality that no diet plan ever can. Yes, we are talking about anabolic steroids.

There is a general stigma associated with steroid use in the modern realm of sports. Certain segments feel that it gives athletes an unfair advantage compared to natural athletes, which it certainly does. There are also several concerns regarding the safety of steroid use due to several illnesses and deaths due to steroid abuse. Des anaboliques légaux or legal anabolic steroids are available in very few countries, with several restrictions around their sale and consumption.

The rules regarding legality of anabolic steroids differ from country to country, but they are unilaterally banned in the sporting community. But it is evident looking at the physiques of premier body builders in the world that they are definitely “on something”. Some of the most famous and iconic athletes in the industry such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman have been open about their steroid use, and several other individuals also justify it and often glorify steroids.


It goes without saying that steroids do give bodybuilders an edge, and if used the right way, it can provide satisfactory results without adverse effects on the body. Below are a few tips to facilitate safe steroid use.

  • Juice up according to your needs: – Each person has his or her specific fitness goals, and their workout plans are tailored to achieve these. The wrong steroid cycle for a workout regimen can often result in drastic repercussions. If you want to bulk up and add mass, or get ripped, do adequate research on what steroids will help you achieve your goals.
  • Have realistic expectations: – Steroids are no magic wand, and will provide you results only if coupled with hard work. Remember that a proper diet is much more important and effective than expecting a few pills and syringes to give you your dream body overnight. They will only make the process easier, and will not eliminate the difficulty altogether. Be very clear on this aspect before you consider juicing.
  • Be safe: – Most steroid related deaths are due to ignorance of its side effects, and use in extreme quantities. Only start on a cycle under strict medical supervision, and after ascertaining that you have no pre-existing conditions that will be triggered by steroid use. Decide on a proper dosage and stick to it.

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