Fashion has historically been used as a means of self-expression. Therefore, it often intersects with other forms of media such as art, music and movies and adds to their cultural value. Cinema is an avenue of such intersection. It gives designers and artists space to evoke emotion, set the environment and create magic on-screen through elements of fashion.

The right accessories and costumes are integral for an immersive experience for the audience, where every element of the characters’ look adds to their story. This is especially true for the sci-fi genre, where creators have the liberty to create a world from scratch. Every detail can be used to create the desired atmosphere. Hence, choosing the right accessories, especially footwear that is signature of the character, is integral for the believability factor.

Thrifter brings you a list of some epic sneakers that would fit right into the universe of a sci-fi movie and could be worn by your favourite characters:

1. Givenchy Monumental Trainers

Givenchy’s Monumental Trainers are a perfect example of understated luxury. Modeled in black leather, the minimalist design showcases excellent sculptural technique. Even though the shoe is designed to be subtle, it does not lack luxury and style. The matte, monochrome colourway is effortless chic. Minimal and strategic branding adds to the gravitas of this piece.

The design reminds one of futuristic sci-fi settings like Dune or Hunger Games, which would require high functionality and minimalistic aesthetic. The shoe is lightweight and waterproof, which makes it even more ideal for such a survivalist world.

2. Maison Margiela x Reebok White Tabi Instapump Fury Sneakers

Ever wondered what the Stormtroopers from Star Wars would wear if they levelled up their fashion game? Well, the Maison Margiela x Reebok White Tabi Instapump Fury White Sneakers would be the ideal option. The block heel of the shoe features a sharp, toothed pattern, while the shoe has a structural pattern for excellent grip. The silhouette itself is architecturally inspired and features lots of structural elements and defined shapes.

The vibrant white colourway of the shoe is an instant reminder of the Stormtrooper uniform. Futuristic design elements like the signature cleft toe and seamless pull tabs ensure that these shoes could easily be incorporated. Plus, the midsole is made from Hexalite and features a Graphlite arch, for excellent comfort and traction. Exactly what an intergalactic soldier would need for expeditions across the galaxy!

3. Off-White Odsy 2000 Sneakers

If the offbeat, road-less-travelled, dirt road from a dystopia could be a shoe, it would probably be the Off-White Odsy 2000 Sneakers. The brown and black variant of the shoe features a colour palette that would fit perfectly in the setting of a dust-laden, rough terrain of a post-apocalypse dystopian future. Such a world would require a functional shoe with minimal bells and whistles, to withstand the tough demands of survival.

This pair has all elements to pass the muster. The sturdy lace up closure provides a snug fit and excellent grip, ideal for running and walking outdoors. The spiked sole is inspired from football cleats and is designed to grant maximum traction.

4. Raf Simmons Cyclon-21

Let the future be designer! The Raf Simmons Cyclon-21 is a sportswear inspired pair that combines luxury and utility in an awe-inspiring futuristic silhouette. This design is hardly a surprise coming from the fashion house of a visionary designer like Raf Simmons. The white variant features an undulating sole that adds to the drama of the Jordan Shoes. It supports an upper designed with strong structural graphics, like flowing lines and perforated pattern detailing.

The stand-out elements have to be the light amber-coloured details that look like air pockets, and the neat metal detailing at the back, above the heel of the shoe.

5. Dune x APL Sneakers

What can be better to round off this list than sneakers designed for the universe of a sci-fi cult favourite. The original Dune ruled the hearts of movie goers for decades and its revival in a new and improved 2021 avatar has also been received with much fanfare. To give the audience a slice of the film in real life, the creators have teamed up with sportswear brand APL, for an exclusive collection of movie-inspired silhouettes.

The designers at APL have re-imagined some of the brands well-loved designs in colour schemes to fit the world of Dune. Functional elements, such as water repellent materials, sturdy Velcro closure, signature Load N Launch technology and lightweight materials, have been used to optimise the designs.

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