We have always heard about this, and so we all know that smoking has been always considered to be injurious to health as cigarettes contain harmful tobacco and Nicotine which is not good for health. This causes problems to the Lungs and then the body suffers with various health problems. Smoking Cigarettes can be seen nowadays among ladies and young kids as well, it’s known to be an addict where people get used to it and then it’s very difficult for them to quit smoking. Smokers get so used to smoking that they start smoking more than 12 Cigarettes in a day and they slowly become a chain smoker. Smoking is known to also cause many other health issues like lung Cancer, mouth cancer and other lung problems, where as many smokers have a short life as well. Hence it’s always advice not to get used to smoking as many people feel it difficult at later stage to stay without a smoke.Image result for Smoking is Injurious to health

Hence Science has brought various products in market which can help to get rid of smoking. There are many who start by quitting few cigarettes per day, but still sometimes it’s difficult to follow this to quit cigarette smoking so easily.

New product which is launched is E-cigarettes, which are also known as electronic Cigarettes. As the term describes it is an electronic form of the cigarette which would give you a feeling of smoking and at the same time would not be harmful for your health.

Electronic Cigarette in detail

This device is also known as electronic vamping device, this is a device which would work on battery and would simulate tobacco smoking. I know this could sound really new, that how can an Electric device which looks like a cigarette help in quitting smoking. This device has such features; it has an element which can be called as the heating substance which is also called as atomizer that will help in vaporizing a liquid solution which is known as e juice. This e-juice comes in different flavor and contains a mixture of flavoring and small amount of nicotine which gives a tobacco feeling but is actually like a vapor which is flavored and gets released when the smoker smokes this electric cigarette. These E – cigarettes are available in different designs either they are in the shape of these cigarettes or few are of different styles and shapes. These liquids are not only for the electric cigarettes but then can be also consumed like a normal juice, but should make sure that the quantity of nicotine. Many e-juice suppliers take order from the customers about the flavor and nicotine percentage what they want and accordingly make the liquid and supply them.  These electronic cigars are a device which can be used multiple times; the user would just have to change the liquid flavor and can enjoy a safe smoking.

These Cigarettes may help to get rid of actual intake of tobacco smoke, but few might again get addicted to this nicotine substance. Still E-Cigars are considered safer than tobacco Cigarettes.


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