Use of steroids can bring about harmful side effects and that is why, it is necessary to use them responsibly and not for longer periods or higher doses. Each may face different side effects. Some may have erectile dysfunction effects but if stacked with Testosterone, this side effect may be avoided. Overdosing can even lead to heart attack but when used in lower doses or as recommended, this side effect will never occur. Water retention, prostate enlargement, aging of bones, liver toxicity, behavioural changes, etc., can also occur if used irresponsibly. Anadrol helps to increase weight. It is also a cheaper alternative to Dianabol. Let us look at some of the side effects that are caused by using Anadrol.

Side Effects:

Anadrol can cause depression. Other common side effects of Anadrol include

  • breast swelling in men
  • hair loss
  • Acne
  • insomnia
  • diarrhea,
  • restlessness
  • Know more about Severe Anadrol 50 Side Effects & Dangers to Your Heart

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Severe side effects of Anadrol 50 are:

  1. Anadrol is a I 7-alkylated drug which passes through liver and it is very toxic to liver. Intake of Anadrol for longer periods causes a yellow discoloration of eyes, nails or skin, which is a condition called Jaundice associated with liver.
  2. The compound Oxymetholone in Anadrol easily converts into estrogen and causes feminization.
  3. Anadrol has some androgenic side effects. In men, it can cause acne, increased hair loss and changes in body hair growth. It is not a good option for Women as one may experience an decrease or increase in sex drive, changes in their voice, hair growth in chest and chin areas, male type of baldness and notice change in clitoris.
  4. Anadrol works by excess water retention. It is important to keep the water retention in control. Else It will have negative impact on your blood pressure.


Like all anabolic steroids, the dose is personalized as per the body’s acceptance. However, the recommended dose is 1-5mg/kg per dayin children and it is the same in adults as well. With the use of Anadrol, you see quick results in weight gain. However, these stop after a certain dose and are also lost quickly on stopping the use of Anadrol.

Precautions to be taken when using anadrol

Check your body for any allergies, chronic diseases, already under medication for some other ailment, having a mental illness, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, persons with heart conditions.


Anadrol has a half life of 16 hours which means it requires a daily administration. If you would still like to take the advantages of Anadrol, you can take 100 mg per day which will still have the risk of side effects, but needs a constant administration. Also note that 100 mg per day might not show great results and even affect your appetite which is not something nice while you are looking for a mass gain. Also remember not to club any other C-17 aa drug with Anadrol atleast 6 weeks after stopping Anadrol.


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