When it comes to improving physical appearance, Clenbutrol fat burners are the best choice. They will help in losing the body fat without effecting the muscle mass. This is the main reason behind clen’s popularity.

But along with getting the benefits of fat burners like Clen one should also remember that they must use them safely. The usage must help in yielding the best possible benefits as well as help in avoid the long term side effects.

How it works:

Clen was not designed to work as a fat burner. This effect was considered one among the side effects that are caused by Clen that is cutting fatty tissue. But today that is the reason behind its popularity .

Clen was earlier designed and used for the treatment of breathing disorders and asthma. The gel form of Clen is usually used for horse and farm animals and tablet form is usually prescribed for humans. Many of the fat burners like Clen usually work through enhancing the metabolism. Clen has the capacity to enhance beta-2 in reduce visceral fat mass. This results in increased temperature in the cellular structure. This leads to the sudden increase in metabolic rate.


Clen and Fat Burner Diet:

Almost all the fat burners like Clen must be accompanied by a strict diet. Along with this to get the best possible results one must also follow cardio and other exercises. Clen cannot produce results without accompanied by exercises and strict diet. It may be a myth that using fat burners like Clen can replace these and just get the result.

But in some cases even when they don’t follow all these and consume fat burner may result in weight loss and in that case it may be due to their daily activities. But there will not be any longevity and nobody recommends clen to use this way. So it is always suggested that Clen must be accompanied by balanced diet and increased level of activities.

There will be drastic weight loss when Clen is followed as per instructions. One may lose 4-5 % of their body fat just in one month after using Clen.

It is better to follow weights and lift exercises when consuming clen. This is because it will help the body to burn the fatty tissue and use it as energy. Clen is very effective in helping to maintain lean muscle tissue. But to achieve this, one must perform lifting exercises.


2 weeks on and 2 weeks off cycle is the best recommended dose for Clen. One must always start with a lowest possible dose. This must be continued for first two weeks. Then they should go off for 2 weeks. While starting the dose again one can increase the dose as per instructions.

For women also it is the same cycle pattern but they can follow lower doses. 20 mcg is the recommended dose for beginners and one who is new to Clen. Every time when it comes to increase the dose it is better to increase it by 20 mcg. An individual can go up to 100 mcg.

In case of advanced users they can start off with 40 mcg and increase the dose by 40 mcg every time. In this case the highest dosage that can be reached is 160 mcg.

Side Effects:

It is common to have side effects after using fat burners like Clen. But it is important to avoid the side effects as much as possible by following the porper instructions recommended. Some of the common side effects produced by clen are stomach pains, headaches, shaking, and insomnia. But there are ways to avoid these negative effects. One of the solutions is consume clen in the morning and drink lot of water throughout the day. This will help the body to avoid clen sitting in for larger period.

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