Many new materials emerge and disappear in the construction industry. Some materials remain for several decades and continue to be the popular options for the chosen applications. One such material is resin bound paving supplies. You will notice that more and more residential and commercial projects are making use of resin bound supplies as their preferred surface finishing material. 

What exactly is resin bound surface paving? Resin bound surfaces are installed using two major components namely gravel and resin. These two ingredients are mixed thoroughly in the recommended proportions and trowelled on the required surfaces. When the resin hardens, it forms a strong surface. 

What are the different applications of resin bound surfaces? Resin bound surfaces are ideal for outdoor applications. You will be able to use resin bound supplies for the installation of pathways, driveways and patios. Resin bound pathways and other outdoor applications are very appealing with an ultra-modern look. They are also very durable and they last for a minimum of fifteen years if installed correctly. 

There are multiple benefits in using resin bound supplies. They are available in a wide range of colours and shades. You will be able to find a matching colour option to suit your outdoor settings. Not only that, these surfaces are non-fade surfaces which mean that they will be retaining their new looks for several years. Most importantly, this is an eco-friendly option this is a permeable paving option. The rain water will permeate into the ground. There will be no surface washout risks or flooding risks. You also do not have to worry about water stagnation and pooling of water after the rain.

If you are looking for a weed resistant driveway or paving option, then you will find resin bound driveways to be the best option. It is also a very safe option for patios and wet areas such as spaces around the swimming pool because resin bound surfaces are anti-slip surfaces. Further to that they will also be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. They will not crack during the summer months as they become flexible surfaces and they can also withstand frost and snow without any problem. In other words, resin bound driveway is an all-weather material. 

Just as we are noting all these benefits and advantages, we should not lose sight of the fact that the final quality of the driveway will depend very much on the overall quality of the supplies you source. In case you are sourcing inferior quality supplies thinking that you are saving money then you cannot expect a long life out of your resin bound surfaces. Look for well-established manufacturers that are committed to delivering exceptional quality driveway supplies through careful review and screening.

Another important factor that you should learn about resin driveways or resin bound surfaces is that they settle within few hours after installation and you will be able to start using the surface in as short as 12 hours after the installation.  

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