On average, people spend $2,000 to $5,000 when moving across the country. Also, the larger the household, the more money you will spend. If you have heavy furniture, antiques, and large items like flat screens and pianos, expect to pay more.

The process of moving doesn’t have to be stressful. There are several factors to think about before heading out, like your budget, size of the move, and how much work you’re willing to put in. Not to worry, we put together these key tips on how to move cross country cheaply.

Get Organized and Declutter

To move across the country takes an impeccable amount of organization. Take advantage of at least two weeks before your move to get everything in gear. Grab a pen, and write down all the items, rooms, and myriad of tasks that need to get done.

Before you pack for a cross country move, throw out, donate, or sell any furniture and items that you don’t need. This will save you time and money when you’re trying to fit everything in a moving truck.

Rental Truck

Those who plan for a cross country move and are willing to put the work in, consider renting a truck. Although, you wouldn’t be saving much money if you have a smaller household. This “do it yourself” option is suitable for a 2 bedroom home or larger.

Things to think about when it comes to this option are delivery time, insurance, and convenience. Utilizing a rental truck means you’re the one driving and is typically the quickest way to get your goods from point a to b. Although, driving cross country can be inconvenient and damaged items are usually not covered by rental truck companies. 

Ship Your Goods

If you have a small, 1-2 bedroom home, hiring a freight company can save you money compared to a rental truck. There is no driving involved when using a freight trailer and delivery time is fast and accurate, typically 8-12 days. Freight companies also offer coverage when it comes to catastrophic events but not in-transit damage.

Now, what about your car? The cost of shipping a car across the country includes a lot of factors like distance, time of the year, car size, and route, averaging about $1,280. This option is very convenient, safe, and also puts fewer miles on your vehicle.

Consider Time of Year

It’s important to consider how flexible your move is because moving prices range throughout the year. The summertime is the peak season for cross country movers, which means prices are higher and you’ll have fewer dates to choose from.

The cheapest period to relocate cross country is during the winter months of November to January. There’s not a high demand during this period due to the holidays, weather, and potential relocation depression. This leaves moving companies with an emptier schedule and consequently, lower prices.

Find Discounts

While you’re speaking to moving companies, ask if they have discounts! Moving companies offer estimate prices online, which means that price is not set in stone. Do research on moving companies, truck rentals, and freight movers, and compare the prices.

Some moving companies may offer military and veteran discounts, while others may offer discounts to students and teachers. Negotiate with your mover for the best price because some companies may work with your budget.

Additional Tips on How to Move Cross Country Cheaply

In between these key tips on how to move cross country on a budget, don’t forget to implement these additional money-saving tips. 

  • Enlist friends and family
  • Find free moving boxes and supplies
  • Rent a portable moving container
  • Save money wherever you can
  • Ask moving companies about deductibles

Time to Move

Now that you know about the key tips on how to move cross country cheaply, consider which option may be best for you. Make sure everything is checked off your moving list before you head out. 

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