If you want to win more prizes on Instagram then you need to take a look at these tips providing by http://online-competitions.co.za/

Just Take Photos

You should get into the habit of taking photos of everything, because the regular Instagram winners are those that share their original photos instead of just regrams. You never know when you may need a photo so take pictures of everything. Instagram is also able to bring a photo to life through the use of filers and other tools. Save these photos on your phone so you have them ready for the right competition.Image result for How To Win More Prizes On Instagram

Get Some Inspiration

There are some photos on instagram source that are beautiful and can inspire you for your Instagram competition entries. Search with hashtags to find inspiration.

Follow Other Compers

It is a good idea to find and follow other compers on Instagram so you can see what competitions they are entering. Click on competition hashtags, tap an entry in the results and click the sharers username to find other compers.  If you follow another comper, you will receive notifications when they post.

Be Active As A Follower

You cant just regram and leave it at that, you need to be active. Liking and commenting on content often on Instagram shows the company that you are a fan. If you use their products or services then tag the company in the photo before you share it. use famoid to get followers on instagram

Your Profile Needs To Look Good

A promoter may have a look at your profile before they decide if you are the winner, so it has to look good.

Use Hashtags To Find Instagram Competitions

You will need to use relevant hashtags to find Instagram competitions to enter. You will get a lot of irrelevant results, but after a while you will be able to scroll through these easily and find competitions.

Enter Later

Entries on Instagram and other social media platforms are public so promoters are able to track them. This also means that other compers are able to watch what you do.

You should get organized and have a list saved of clickable links to online competitions that are ordered by date. Entering competitions on Instagram as late as possible, won’t give your competition time to organize an entry of their own and your entry will have a prime position.

Take A Look At The Competition

Competitions that use hashtags allow compers to see how many entries there are. You will be able to see what photos other compers are uploading and tailor your entry so yours stands out.


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