In our daily lifestyle, as life is getting more and more hectic day by day and we are getting even lesser chance to keep our body and soul together, fulfilling body’s basic needs are important. Studies show that 9 out of 10 people in India are suffering from Protein Deficiency! As we rush through the busses or metro and work laboriously throughout the day in the office, we often neglect our body’s needs. Protein is a very important ingredient of Body’s proper growth, functioning, and maintenance and hence, Protein Deficiency indirectly implies weak functioning and lethargic lives.

How to bring back vitality

Our body requires most of the Amino acids from outside, through food, as it can’t make it on its own! Therefore, a diet efficient enough to fulfil your daily Protein and Energy need is a must and important. While meat, eggs and non-vegetarian food articles are supposed to be rich in protein, we often lack basic Protein requirements. For vegetarians, these conditions worsen, as excluding few sources, regular vegetarian diet is not sufficient enough for fulfilling these needs if not planned the right way.

Say no to supplements

In these conditions, we often switch to expensive artificial supplements and protein shakes and drinks, which though useful, affect our body in one way or another. During all this nuisance, a small change in our lifestyle and eating habit can be an efficient and important move. As we know, Flour is a fundamental part of everyone’s staple diet, and flour is effectively used in most of the delicacies, a small switch in this flour can make our lives easier!

Protein Rich Flour, normally sold as ‘Wheat Flour’ and other flours like ‘Soy Flour’ are some of the cheap and protein-rich flour meant for all of your protein needs. Studies show that these cheap high protein flour types contains more than two times protein, in case of Wheat Flour, and more than four times of protein, in case of Soy Flour, compared to our ‘All-use Flour’. Therefore, switching to Protein Rich Flours can be a better master plan, against Protein Deficiencies and Protein Rich Flour can a cheap, effective and natural remedy to all of our daily protein needs!

Take a step now! Switching your flour to protein-rich flour will be an economic decision which will play as a key to healthy, active and balanced life!

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Daniel Quinn