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If you have been to musical instrument shops or online platforms looking to buy a new guitar, the prices are just shocking. Many people find it hard or not appropriate to spend a lot of cash on guitars, and it is something simple that you can assemble and design your own. Guitars are one of the most accessible instruments to design and create your own. If you desire to build your own guitar from a kit, then all you need some tips. Building a guitar from a kit is all you need to master and draft your own. You don’t need to worry about their prices anymore; you can now produce your guitar and even sell.

Steps on How to Build a Guitar from a Kit

Buy a Kit

The first step in your making process is buying a new or old kit and a general hollow wooden piece. It is wise if you buy the already designed, but if you still have ideas on how to do it, then you can purchase timbers and customizer your design. An excellent kit to buy is those from solid mahogany or any other wood that is durable and strong.


The second step involves the overall shaping of the kit. Some kits in the market are designed to suit a general guitar, and if you wish to make a more customized guitar, then you need to reshape. Here you can use pencils or markers to sketch the shape and the size of the instrument you want then involve a carpenter to cut it to your design. A standard configuration of a guitar is the one shaped to look like a mustang, a considerable back, and a narrow string head.


Bodywork involves the final finishing of the guitar woodwork by making it smooth and adding the extra extensions. You can use a smoothening machine or sandpaper to aid this process. Your body working should ensure that you get a perfectly smooth surface of the guitar. This not only helps in painting but also in the general look of your guitar.

The Stripe

With the help of a carpenter or wire strainer tie strings in their nails, while ensuring that each fit well in the stringing region. Ensure that each length is perfect, and no extension is left out. A simple tutorial on how to string your guitar is available online or YouTube for more directions.

Headstock and Tuners Finish

Headstock and tuners finish the last assembling process in your guitar making process. This process involves the ensuring of all the strings fit well and if there is an extension for stringing. If it is an electric guitar, finishing means an installation of charging and charging cables. The process also involves the design of the carrier bag for your guitar and painting the whole work. When calculating the amount of building a guitar is much cheaper than buying a new one. As usual, if you find something that helps you to save your cash, then use it well and make some cash from it or even invest.

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