Sometimes, people wish that there are more hours per day. This stems from the fact that some people lack the amount of time needed to do everything in a day. As such, many lose time for family, some for creativity and passion, but the direst thing to miss is the workout sessions.

You may need to spend more time at home and because of that, you’ll need to do your workouts right then and there. How will you do it without the proper equipment? Worry not, here are some home exercises you can definitely try out.

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Push-ups and Squats with Weights

There should always be some space in your home to use for push ups and squats. However, it will be hard for you to build muscles with just those exercises alone. You can try adding weight instead. Put sand in sacks that you can put on your back to generate more weight and difficulty as you do push-ups. This creates better pressure and challenge for your arm muscles and will also boost your efficiency while doing it.

In turn, you can also try doing squats. Do it with weights, too. However, make sure you don’t put too much on. Your drive to gain a better body might be short-lived and you’ll end up worse than you are right now.  The best rule of thumb is to measure the difficulty. If you can’t complete more than 20 reps, lower the challenge. It is crucial that you get the perfect rate of training.

Pull-ups right after push-ups

You can easily install some bars at home or outside it to be able to do pull-ups. The ability of the body to build muscle is absolutely amazing. The moment you are finished with push-ups, you can immediately follow up with pull-ups. The intensity of working out is needed to generate pressure and urgency. Without it, you get less results.

The process works like this, while the muscles you used for push-ups rest, the muscles you use for pull-ups work double time. This also prompts faster recovery for the resting muscles. This cycle can prompt you to feel more intense and worked out for every time you do it.

Try out the chores at home

Believe it or not, the chores at home can work out sweat greatly. You can try rolling out huge tires or you can also carry hay bales or do the woodcutting for the fireplace. If you don’t have these at home, you can always try lifting the things you have at home as you move the things around. There is actually no excuse if you want to bulk up.

Getting big muscles does not need to consume a whole day. It can only last 20 minutes per day provided that you have the discipline to follow you routine every day. Discipline beats challenges and being constant and consistent in your workouts will prove to be more effective than visiting the gym irregularly.

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