Digital PR is one of the most instrumental tools for the success of any business. However, brands are often torn between hiring a digital PR agency and setting up an in-house team to handle their requirements. The answer to this question is never simple. Thus, before making a hasty decision, it is best to evaluate the pros and cons of both options and make an informed decision.

Advantages of Hiring a Digital PR Agency

Digital PR agencies have expertise in providing in-depth solutions for all the digital marketing needs of your brand. They are professionals and adept at handling any PR crisis. Here are a few key considerations why hiring a media PR agency is the best option for a business.

PR Agencies Provide a Fresh Perspective

In-house teams usually follow a conservative approach to strategizing your online PR. They also have a pre-established outlook towards the brand, based on past experiences, that influences their ideas and techniques. Hiring a digital PR agency can provide a fresh perspective to your brand, its customers, and the industry. An external digital PR agency is also more likely to make bold changes to your brand image that an in-house team would be reluctant to carry out.

● PR Agencies have a Broader Skill Set

The talent within an in-house PR team is often limited. However, hiring a media PR agency will give you access to boundless talent and skillset, which is out of the core competency of an in-house team. An external PR agency is equipped with all the right resources to improve your search engine optimization rankings and data traffic and can provide online reputation management and social media verification service, which an in-house PR team might find challenging.

● PR Agencies have Better Industry Knowledge

PR agencies access point to industry news and trends that an in-house digital PR team is unlikely to possess. They attend PR industry events, keep tabs on technological changes, and work across industries to develop a complete outlook on your brand.

● PR Agencies Have Better Media Relationships

Cultivating media relationships is a sensitive and time-taking process. In-house PR teams are usually overworked and in search of instant results. Thus, they have fewer and less robust media relationships than professional PR agencies with dedicated teams to hone relationships with journalists and editors. They know how to get featured on Forbes and other reputable media organizations without much ingratiation.

● PR Agencies are Cost-effective

Hiring in-house talent to manage your online PR is costlier than hiring a dedicated digital PR agency. This is because the PR agency provides a better return on interest (ROI) for their services. Moreover, they give you access to a pool of diverse talent without spending money on recruiting their in-house equivalents. Online PR agencies are also effective in terms of time management.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Digital PR Agency

  • May have a conflict of interest
  • Takes time to align themselves with core company values
  • Takes time to initiate action

Advantages of in-house PR

When a brand manages their online PR with an in-house team, they are more likely to have better communication channels. Efficient communication enables immediate action, problem resolution, and greater trust and accountability for actions. Knowing that your PR team is easily accessible reassures a brand of being in tandem with its core value and goals. An in-house digital PR team is also cost-effective for smaller businesses who want tight reigns on their marketing budget.

Disadvantages of in-house PR

Members of an in-house digital PR team juggle several responsibilities, a few of which are outside their core competencies. Thus, they may be less effective in meeting desired targets and are often overworked. They also have fewer and less conducive media relationships than a dedicated media placement agency that knows how to get featured on TechTimes and other reputed media organizations.

Choosing between hiring a digital PR agency and in-house PR entirely depends on factors like budget, the scope of work, time available, and expected results. However, it is apparent from the details mentioned above that hiring a media PR agency gives you access to a host of services and talent that an in-house team cannot match. You can choose either of the options depending on the needs of your brand. You can also opt for a hybrid model to enjoy the best of both options.

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