With the price of silver having exploded in recently, there does not appear to be a shortage of silver bullion dealers making themselves known in every way possible. There are always crooks in every business, the precious metals industry is no exception. However, the following tips will help you select a quality silver bullion dealer. 

Choose a dealer that has been around for years

There are a lot of bullion dealers in Brisbane that have been around for decades. They have had years of experience and enough time to build a solid reputation.

Think physical 

A reputable silver bullion dealer Brisbane will have a physical office,  and also have an online presence. To find out where they are located, check the address they have listed. There should be a phone number you can call and an email address. A lot of dealers have online chat services on their websites, so as you work on your computer and conduct research you could be chatting to an actual person who can answer your specific questions in real time. 

What is the dealer’s track record

Be sure to check the customer service background of a potential silver retailer.  What is their customer service like? Do they follow through on their promises or just play lip service? Read the reviews and recommendations. 

Buy local

A reputable silver bullion dealer Brisbane doesn’t have to be a huge company. Your local neighbourhood coin dealer  can be a good place to purchase silver bullion. Make sure you apply the same business analysis rules  as you would with an online retailer. If you buy locally, you take delivery of the silver when you buy it. Hence, there is no risk of getting ripped off by  non-delivery. Another advantage of buying local is that there are no reporting requirements. You can enter the store, pay in cash, and remain anonymous if you wish. With the most big silver bullion retailers, there is always a paper trail. Another benefit of buying local is that there will be people around you you can ask for a personal opinion.


You don’t have to deal with a with one company. Regardless of how much time you spend researching the gold market and investigated the silver bullion dealers Brisbane, there is still a chance that you will end up buying the wrong silver coins. If you look at various gold dealers  you will greatly reduce the risk of losing money because of a bad deal. 

Don’t neglect eBay

You can also completely ignore silver bullion dealers  and safely buy your silver  coins on eBay. eBay can be a great source for finding great deals on silver coins. But, for those unfamiliar with the online auction format, buying on eBay comes with some risk. Make sure to: Read the item description carefully. Check the seller’s rating, the more positive  the feedback, the better. Always send your concerns or questions to the seller.  However be careful ordering from Ebay due to incorrectly described products and high Ebay fee’s.

If you are buying your silver  coins from a large company, local coin store, or  online auction site, follow these simple tips and you should be a safe and happy silver bullion owner!

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