When the body fails to regain its ability to perform biological processes effectively, it requires the aid of an exogenous compound that will trigger the cells and prepare them for work. The pituitary gland is the master gland of the body that controls and regulates the release of all hormones by endocrine glands. When this gland becomes weak in action with the progression of age of cells, it requires the help of dietary supplements or nutrients to uplift and support its functioning. Synthetically manufactured HGH does the exact same work as wished by the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone is marketed as an exogenous recombinant product under the generic name of Somatropin, which is the most famous brand name for the product.

What do you mean by synthetic HGH?

Every biochemical compound has a specific range of action beyond which it is impossible for it to work. Our body undergoes millions of biological processes that are interlinked. It becomes very difficult to correct one malfunctioned mechanism without disturbing the functional pathways of other processes. Due to advancement of science and technology, there are certain procedures by which you can incorporate all the beneficial factor containing genes into one single genome. This is done mainly because on transcription of that particular genomic DNA, it can express all the essential characteristics as required by the body. By this way, synthetic recombinant HGH is produced in the laboratory under favourable conditions and the process is known as genetic recombination or recombinant DNA technology.

Genetically altered DNA that codes for the growth hormone peptide is prepared in such a way so that it does not replace the original stored hormone in the body. Instead, it elevates the rate of production of the hormone inside somatotropic cells by positively stimulating the pituitary gland. The product is made out of advanced blend of the hormone itself as well as contains essential L-amino acids, growth factors, vitamins and minerals. All these important biochemical factors are responsible for the growth and development of body cells, and are incorporated into one specially prepared medication through highly scientific technologies of in vitro DNA recombination.

What are the side effects of taking HGH?

Whenever you plan on taking hormonal supplementation products, always remember that nothing comes without a hidden health threatening effect. Though the US Food and Drug Administration have approved the legal use of synthetic HGH, the product is available only if you provide a valid prescription. This is majorly because all hormonal steroids are strong in action and must be regulated under the guidance of a health expert. Otherwise there can be possible side effects like:

  • Dental issues.
  • Acromelagy- abnormal swelling of facial region.
  • Higher chances of oedema.
  • Excess retention of body fluids.
  • Sweating due to increased anxiety levels.

To reduce the negative impacts of synthetic recombinant HGH, try to stick to the dosage plan as suggested by your doctor to keep an eye on the onset of these symptoms. Ensure the safety of the product and then you can happily enjoy the anabolic and developmental benefits of HGH products.

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