These days, you will find e-cigarettes almost everywhere as more and more smokers rely on vaping so that they could satisfy their cravings for nicotine. Though it is true that electronic cigarettes don’t produce smoke, the little bit of nicotine content that is there inside it has left the users worried as to whether or not the vapour can damage the user’s health and cause tumours. Thereafter, there were many studies which proved that electronic cigarettes don’t cause cancer. These findings reinforce the claim that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco, as the study claims. As per Action on Smoking and Health, nearly 3 million adults in the UK use electronic cigarettes.

There are several researchers from the British American Tobacco who have successfully exposed cells inside the laboratory to the emissions of an electronic cigarette. The study also revealed that the traces of normal cigarette which were collected in the cells led to development of tumour and later on developed into cancer. The cells which were exposed to the emissions of electronic cigarettes didn’t cause toxicity and hence it was proved that they don’t cause cancer.

Soon after these findings, the researchers kept applying similar methods to utilize such methods to their lab cell technique which was called the Bhas 42 assay and this kept comparing electronic against conventional cigarettes. Dr. Damien Breheny, the author of the study said that this is probably the very first time that this method, the Bhas 42 assay was used to compare nicotine and tobacco products. In fact, this is one of the string of tests that were developed by the British American Tobacco to compare the biological impacts of electronic cigarettes and other products which worked by heating tobacco against traditional tobacco cigarettes.

As per an investigation done by the Royal Society of Public Health, it was found that 9 out of 10 electronic cigarette retailers sell their products to such customers who haven’t ever smoked. The investigation also took into account 100 of the specialist vape shops in the UK and found that 88% of the stores were knowingly prepared to sell the electronic cigarettes to the non-historic smokers. Results revealed that 48% of the stores never checked whether or not the new customers were smokers.

Therefore, if you’ve been still wondering about the ways in which you can take care of your health despite vaping, you should always opt for e-cigarettes.

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