Flies, cockroaches with wings and mosquitoes…every flying pest comes to play during the monsoon season. And it is your job to ensure that they don’t harm you and your loved ones.

The monsoon season is normally one of wonder, the smell of wet mud and an overall feeling of goodwill. But it is also a season of fever and cold, of cough and stomach infections. You can enjoy the season as much as you wish, but there is something you have to do first: protect your home and yourself from winged insects.

Winged insects like flies, large cockroaches that sprout wings, mosquitoes and even winged ants carry several infectious germs and illnesses into your home. They settle on many different surfaces and even on any exposed food and drink, thereby spreading disease and infectious germs all over the house.

Plus, mosquitoes and cockroaches bite humans, and cause infections that result in fever, skin rashes, chills, nausea and fatigue. So if your aim is to enjoy the monsoons, you should arm yourself with a flying insect killer first.

How a flying insect killer protects your home

A flying insect killer is a potent solution to the problem of flies, ants, cockroaches and mosquitoes during the monsoon season. It zaps the creatures in one fell swoop, and keeps your home and its occupants protected from bites and food contamination.

  • Here’s how you use it: take a can of flying insect killer like Mortein spray and use it on the creatures that you see flying about the house. The spray arrests them mid-flight and kills them within seconds.
  • You can also use the flying insect killer as a precautionary measure. Spray it in the corners of the room, under the furniture, behind the water closets and wardrobes, etc. Insects normally hide or nest in these spots.
  • If you notice any loose plaster or peeling paint, you can spray inside it as well. Ants and small roaches normally hide out there.
  • You will notice that maintaining the highest levels of household hygiene repel most pests. Apart from boarding up loose floorboards, or sealing the cavities in the plaster, it is better to clean the wet areas with a germicidal soap solution at least once a week, and twice a week when the weather is humid and warm. Also wipe down all kitchen counters and cooking surfaces with an antibacterial solution every night so that cockroaches and ants will be repelled. Mopping up food spills the moment they occur is also important.

The Mortein advantage

There are many pest killer sprays and powders available in the market, but only a few are as effective as the Mortein range of sprays. Mortein has a solution to offer for every kind of household pest, from ants to rats.

Use the Mortein flying insect killer spray in your house, using it as often as you can till the menace of insects is eradicated completely.



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