Many of you must be enjoying riding on your motorcycle. While driving on a free road, it is really a pleasure to drive your motorcycle along with your buddy and go for a long ride. 

There are a few cities, where driving a motorcycle is really a pleasure. However, there are also few cities in the country, where it is totally unsafe to drive your motorcycle.

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Now let us share the name of locations where driving motorcycle is a pleasure and where it is too unsafe.

Motorcycle-friendly cities

  • New York City, NY

Many of you may be surprised to know, but NYC has been ranked as the friendliest motorcycle city despite lots of traffic. However, traffic is mostly during the early morning hours or late nights.

You can drive to the famous 5th Avenue to get some serious riding fun.

  • York, PA

All bike enthusiasts will surely enjoy a motorcycle trip through York, PA, which is also a home to legendary motorcycle manufacturer in America, Harley Davidson. York is where you will see the most iconic Harley’s.

Inside the factory, you can also learn how bikes are built.

  • Chicago, IL

The classic American highway will offer 2,200 miles of views of roads from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. You can just drive your motorcycle to spend your vacation and enjoy your motorcycle ride for a few days.

You will also enjoy countless roadside attractions and stunning scenery.

  • Elkins, WV

This is another city that any bike enthusiast will love to come to due to its access to a big highway. This stunning ride will pass through a few of the most scenic places in the south, including Cathedral State Park and Monongahela National Forest.

  • Thousand Oaks, CA

Thousand Oaks has become famous because the location was shown in the opening scene of a 1953 classic film called Marlon Brando. One most famous motorcycle flick is “The Wild One.” of all time where Brando was featured as the Black Rebels leader. Its opening scene has influenced to buy many people their first motorcycle.

Dangerous place for motorcycle driving

Washington D.C. is considered as one of the highly dangerous cities to ride, which is ranked at 194 out of 194. The likelihood of an accident due to collision is 109.3% in comparison to the national average. Both Arlington and Alexandria, in Virginia are also in the bottom ten of the same list.

Baltimore, Maryland is another city just above Washington, D.C., with 193 positions where accidents are 86.2% more likely to happen. 

  • At 192 position – Providence, Rode Island. 
  • At 191 position – Hialeah, Florida
  • At 190 position – Glendale, California
  • At 189 position – Philadelphia 

However, surprisingly Philadelphia is ranked as a more bicycle-friendly city but motorcyclists and motorists are facing even greater risks. 

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