With the same type and size, the prices of houses with swimming pools exceed those of the others by about 20%. And if we talk about villas and farmhouses, it exceeds 50%! This is because the swimming pool represents an exceptional added value and the requests to have one increase, if only to live in a residence or choose an apartment in a condominium complex.

The Garden with the Swimming Pool Becomes a Small Paradise

If you love living at home, you know well that outdoor furniture and garden decoration are as important aspects as that of interior design. Deciding to build a swimming pool in the garden is the best way to make your green area a real corner of paradise. The pool house ideas are extremely important here.

The area to be allocated to the pool must be large enough to allow not only the construction of the structure but also the flooring of the entire surrounding perimeter. At this point you will have to choose the shape that fits most naturally into your garden: rectangular, round, oval? You can also combine different shapes and give a more refined and personalized style to your pool, for example by opting for a rectangular pool with a small round tub for the whirlpool.

Another option that you will need to provide in order to make the most of the investment made for the construction of the pool is that of the water heater, here you will find the best systems to do this and to be able to use the structure for longer periods of time. With Foyr Neo the options are the bests.

Arranging the Pool on the Terrace, the Dream of Those Who Live In the City

A swimming pool on a terrace perhaps in a penthouse in the center is absolutely possible. If you live in the city and you have the right space on the terrace of your home, you can enhance the property by building a swimming pool with a pergola, where you can spend your summer days and evenings. The ideal dimensions for a swimming pool of this type are 2 meters by 3. Once you have decided the ideal position to install the structure, and then let your imagination run wild: for example, rich vegetation, in order to delimit the entire area and create a perimeter of privacy all around the terrace.

A pergola is essential, where you can find shelter from the sun during the hottest hours and can be equipped as a refreshment area to eat or drink something between one bathroom and another. The added value that can still be given to a terrace in the city, if space allows it, is to insert a real kitchen in this area: by providing sliding glass doors, it will be possible to close it when it is not used and exploited in every moment, even in winter.

An adequate lighting system will allow you to organize parties and dinners with friends, enjoying the breathtaking view that only a terrace in the city can offer.

The Swimming Pool to Enhance Your Country House

If in summer you can’t wait to escape the city but the idea of ​​going to the sea between humidity and crowded beaches don’t appeal to you at all, then a country house is the ideal solution for you. Obviously, a swimming pool cannot be missing, because summer days are long and hot and a refreshing bath in total relaxation will delight everyone, adults and children.

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