Product visibility is a crucial part of display settings in a retail store. You need to make a large initial investment for getting all the necessary display fittings for the store. 

But even after that, your product quantities might increase, and you may struggle with displaying the products in the limited space. 

An affordable way to present products is to use a magasin de grillage Displetech. Take a plunge to know more about these wire meshes. 

What are the different ways in which you can use wire mesh in your store?

A grid wall system is the most common manner in which store owners use a wire mesh. All they have to do is install a vertical piece of wire mesh and display products on either side. 

Grid wall systems take very less space. Thus, you can incorporate more products in the display setting with low space usage. 

You can also make shelves and baskets using wire meshes. Baskets are useful when you have to keep similar products in bulk. 

The customizable options are plenty when it comes to wire mesh display settings. You will have to get the wire meshes and the right accessories to customize it for your specific purpose. 

What are the accessories available to customize wire meshes?

Gridwall panels are necessary if you want to install vertical panels to display the products. You will also need grid supports and seal clips. 

Different types of bases to support the grids are also available, for example, gondola base, triangle base, 4-way base, etc. There are also different hooks and brackets to keep more products on the wire mesh grid wall. 

Most grid systems and their accessories come in chrome and black colors. So, you have two color options to choose from, making it possible to sync the wire mesh with your store’s theme. 

How to buy wire meshes and accessories?

Nowadays, lots of online stores sell these wire meshes and their accessories. You can check out the catalogs and make an order as per your requirement. 

Most websites also provide online assistance in selecting and planning the layout of the grid systems. They will help you make the order by suggesting what accessories you need to customize the grid system. 

Final Takeaways 

Wire meshes are affordable means of displaying your products. You can always stock them just in case you need to enhance the display settings of your store. 

They are also of great help when displaying items on sale. You can easily set up a wire mesh basket and keep the sale items and take them off once the sale is over. So, stock up some wire mesh today itself!

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