Did you know that the Geometric design shower curtain is a good option to separate the bath area from the rest of the bathroom to prevent spills from getting everything wet? You can select from a large variety of shower curtain, transparent, PVC, faded, etc. That is right. Moreover, it still serves to give a special touch to the decor. If you are in doubt, we will tell you the advantages of having a bathroom curtain.

What are the benefits?

Look, the good thing about the bathroom curtain is that you can use it for both showers and bathtubs. The one prevents water splashes from wetting the entire environment. In addition, you can choose from models made of various materials, such as PVC, which protects against mildew, PVC, which prevents bacteria, and it is fireproof. Even polyester fabric protects against fungi and bacteria. 

The good thing is that with so much variety, bathroom curtains are ideal for those who like to change the decor of the environment often. This is because one of the main advantages of this accessory is that installation is simple, which eliminates the need for a professional.

Now, the bathroom curtain has the disadvantage of lasting less than the glass shower. It happens because of the type of material. The idea is to keep an eye on it to prevent the plastic or fabric from tearing and change it when the material yellows a lot. Hey, we are talking about spending much less, and still taking the advantage of style, décor, and usability. The one time investment of installing a glass or PVC shower box is much bigger. It is the reason why having shower curtains is ideal.

Box or curtain: find out which is the best choice

When setting up your bathroom, several questions may arise along the way. One of them is the matter of the material used to make the box. It is an essential space to delimit the bathroom area from the rest of the bathroom. Nevertheless, what is the best option? 

This is actually a relative question. It depends on what you consider essential for your bathroom. Each one has its advantages and knowing how to choose the ideal model for the space you have available is also very important. Because of the hardware and sealing, this model fulfills the function of separating the wet area from the rest of the bathroom very well, a function that the curtain can be lacking.

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Shower curtain is affordable, stylish, and better option

However, if you prefer a more modern and funky looking bathroom, curtains can be a good option. That is because there are several types and prints that you can choose to compose the decoration of the environment. Because they are simpler and cheaper, the durability of the curtains is also less. Thus, maintenance should be recurrent. This might not be a problem. If you want to change the decor more often, curtains offer you that possibility.

Types of curtain

After choosing the model, you need to pay attention to the type of installation. The glass shower requires a specialist technician to perform the procedure, while you can install curtains by anyone. Cleaning is also usually practical on both types. You can clean Vinyl curtains with a damp cloth and neutral detergent and polyester curtains can even be placed in the washing machine. Always keep in mind what you want for your bathroom and think carefully about the decoration, because the bathroom is a space that you will use very often. If it is pleasant and functional, your day to day will be easier.

If there is one pattern that always triumphs, it is the one with the stripes. We are not just talking about fashion, but also decoration. It is a series of curtains made of a very thick polyester fabric. Of course, you can also add a more ethnic touch with darker basic colors.

We can find them with very varied geometric patterns. Leopard print has always been one of the most popular styles for years. The flower prints also give us a good proof of the beauty they can bring to a place like this. With a white background and a combination of pink colors, it is always an idea to add style to the decor. The simplicity of a white curtain always says much more than we think.

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