Humans have been using incense, like India temple incense, for a long time for many different purposes. Today, incense use continues to grow in a society that is continually living in shrinking quarters. Because of this, there are some incense safety tips that should be followed before someone gets burned.

Always Burn Incense In Well-Ventilated Areas

As incense does release particles and smoke into the air, it is always good to start off with a well-ventilated area. This can be nearly any sort of area, with a little bit of work. Avoid extremely small spaces, closets, or rooms. Instead, be sure there is a place for the smoke to escape easily and not get bunched up and start causing issues. You can also consider purifying the air with a Himalayan sea salt lamp or an air purifier for a little extra help.

Be Aware Of Where You Light Incense

Just because you have a well-ventilated area does not mean you can just light your incense just anywhere. When in a large room, be sure to open windows and keep incense burners away from flowing items such as drapes and tablecloths. If you’re burning outside, be sure you aren’t using incense near dry grass or other flammable materials. Never leave hot incense unattended.

Pets and Incense Do Not Always Mix

Our pets have heightened senses and this can be an issue when it comes to using incense. Dogs, for instance, have much more sensitive lungs than humans and can get headaches or respiratory issues from too much incense smoke. To keep your pets safe and still enjoy the many uses of incense, it is even more important that well-ventilated areas be used or your animals are not in the room at all.

Burning incense can be quite mood setting and enjoyable. To make sure everyone enjoys incense, be sure to follow these simple safety rules.

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