Better communication with the patient is now a competitive determinant among medical institutions. Regardless of whether we are talking about private or state medical care, communication is the basis in every facility. The registration of patients requires adequate availability of employees. Applications are made both in person and by phone. For this purpose, it is worth taking care of appropriate medical care contact center software for the clinic.

We often encounter the problem of accessibility to medical facilities. On the part of the patient, it is regularly praised in the media: in apocalyptic reports about the unsuccessful waiting for connection with registration. 

Communication with the patient? Only problems. The institutions we talk to see and feel the problem too. Can it be solved with contact center software for clinics?

Medical facilities struggle with various problems related to communication with the patient and the flow of information. Registration has to perform several tasks simultaneously, and customer service loses the most.

The highest level of patient service can be achieved by improving communication and the subsequent improvement of work organization, supported by a modern communication management system.

Service – communication with the patient

Clinics, facilities that perform diagnostic tests, networks of research laboratories, and hospitals suffer from organizational problems, often resulting from their dispersion:

  • lack of information flow between individual institutions in the network;
  • no central patient registration;
  • difficult access to the patient and research database.


On the other hand, the problem of “empty offices” affects mainly clinics and facilities dealing with diagnostic tests, and in most cases results from three factors:


  • patients have a problem with getting through to registration;
  • they forget about the examination date and do not come;
  • they do not cancel visits to which they cannot come for various reasons.


The most popular problems in medical facilities related to customer service:

  • poor communication with the patient
  • empty offices despite appointments
  • low-rated quality of communication and service
  • lack of information flow between branch offices

How to fix these issues?

The solution may be a separate hotline with consultants and call automation. Also, multi-channeling can help. A patient who wants to obtain quick information can use, for example, a chat. This effect can be achieved by contact center software.

To achieve such assumptions, you should use the automation tools:

  • scheduling visits through multiple channels and integration of information from these channels
  • automatic process of notifying about visits (SMS, email) with confirmation of the visit
  • coordination of the work of registration departments
  • collecting information about contacts with the patient in a central database
  • All of this should improve registration and improve the quality of service.

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