Don’t let your UTV spend months in storage. A side by side was meant to command trails and cruise off-road paths, so keep yours moving this winter with the right replacement parts. Shop for these UTV parts and accessories to maintain your vehicle and keep making memories in any weather.

Grab These Affordable UTV Parts This Holiday Season

Plow through the snow this holiday season with must-have parts for your ride. Some winter accessories are designed to keep you safe, while others are more about comfort. Either way, you’ll get more use out of your favorite off-road ride with these parts and accessories. Here are some great gifts for an off-roader in your life or for your own side by side:

  • Exhaust system
  • Snow plow and chains
  • Winch
  • Enclosures
  • Heat systems

A new exhaust helps your UTV breathe easily this winter. While not a seasonal accessory, new exhaust for UTVs can be helpful at any time of the year. Replace a damaged exhaust or upgrade your OEM part for greater horsepower and an altered sound profile.

Snow plows turn your joy rides into productive property maintenance tasks. Clear your driveway, lend out a hand in your neighborhood or plow a trail for less fortunate UTV riders who don’t have their own plow. Snow chains help you get a grip on an icy trail, so they’re always worth having on hand.

If your eyes are bigger than your tires, then you may navigate your side by side into situations where you can’t get out. Just like in fair-weather adventures, a winter-time sticky situation needs calls for a winch. Size your winch appropriately to have enough hauling power to pull yourself out of a snowbank or help out a fellow off-roader.

Enclosures and heaters are must-have comfort items for a longer winter ride. While diehard off-roaders may simply bundle up for a cold ride, there’s no shame in looking for a little protection from the elements. Add a hard or soft roof, windshield and doors to create a full, cozy cab. Throw in a cab heater and defroster and you’re rugged off-roader will start to look a lot like a compact, comfortable car.

Remember To Buy UTV Tires as Well This Holiday Season

Winter tires use a special rubber composition and track style to help you cruise through the snow. Icy patches, deep powder and subzero temperatures are all best handled with the right set of rubber. For extreme situations, check out UTV tracks. These unique features turn your side by side into a monstrous snowmobile, capable of dominating deep snow and step hills. Tracks may be more than you need for a typical trail, so consider snow tires instead if you’re not looking to scale mountains or overcome impassible snow drifts.

Don’t get caught on an icy trail with tires designed for warm weather. Shop for UTV tires on sale as you explore must-have winter accessories. A new set of snow tires gives you the traction you need to cruise around your property or brave the winter weather at your favorite trailhead.

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