There was a time when the price difference between semi-automatic and the fully-automatic washing machine was significant. The buyers were always biased towards semi-automatic machines, and fully-automatic machines were considered a luxury. But now, due to stiff competition in the market, there are fully-automatic appliances available at reasonable prices.

Here, we have discussed some of the most popular yet affordable fully-automatic washing machines that will simplify your laundry chores. We have created this list after analyzing product details and customer reviews. Washing machine comparison has been done on the basis of the features such as capacity, aesthetics, etc.

LG 6 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine  (T7071TDDL)

This LG washing machine is an ideal appliance for an individual, couple, or a small family. The 6 kg capacity is enough to handle your laundry once or twice a week. The stainless steel in the drum imparts durability and stain-free operations at all times.

Turbo Drum feature facilitates dual direction drum movement for reduced tangling of clothes during the wash. The Smart Filter eliminates any possibility of bacteria growth inside the chamber. The Waterfall Circulation and 3-Step Wash aid in removing stains, thus, keeping the clothes fresh and clean.

Mitashi 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine Grey  (MiFAWM58v20)

Embrace the intelligent features and robust quality of Mitashi 5.8 kg fully-automatic washing machine, ideal for individuals and small families. The spin speed of 600 rpm facilitates high-speed rotations for effective washing and drying procedures.

The Intelligent Hall Sensor feature detects the type of load and automatically adjusts the wash cycle, water level, washing time, rinsing time, etc. To avoid and eliminate microbial growth, Eco-Healthy Wash feature analyzes the internal surroundings during the wash, and performs sterilization procedure accordingly.

Onida 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White (T62CG)

Onida is performing tremendously well and imparting quality services to attain a position in the washing machine segment. This 6.2 kg capacity fully-automatic machine is an exceptional product from Onida. Integrated with impressive features, the washing machine exceeds the expectations of the users.

There are 10 auto wash programs and 10 water level selections that are suitable for wide range of clothes and fabrics. The maximum spin speed of 780 rpm facilitates quick drying, removing 80-85% of the moisture content. The Child Lock, Water Saving, and Silent features are useful for different occasions. After a power cut, the machine resumes working from the last point.

Godrej 5.8 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (GWF 580 A)

This washing machine is a deadly combination of performance and aesthetics. If you are seeking an affordable, fully-automatic machine integrated with impressive features, Godrej 5.8 kg washing machine is an ideal appliance for your needs.

The Micom Controls act as an excellent interface for controlling the functioning. The Active Soak Mode utilizes detergent properly to remove toughest stains with ease. The Bleach Inlet act as a medium for dispensing bleach and the Automatic Softener Dispenser prevents cloth damage. The four-layered galvanized cabinet prevents rust formation and imparts durability to the appliance.

To procure any of the appliances at the most reasonable prices, you can visit online retail stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Croma, and others. Online shopping saves your precious time and you can avail genuine products at all times.

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