Many are still asking if Dianabol is a safe steroid. With tons of men and women who are using the product to help them in achieving their body goals, such brings to more outstanding effects.

Knowing Dianabol, it holds the chemical name as Methandrostenolone. It is widely known as an effective anabolic steroid which is a star to athletes and bodybuilders today. Dianabol gained its fame in 1950s to 1970s. And up until now, the substance is spreading and already reaches out to a lot of sports fitness enthusiasts and professionals.

The leading Dianabol brands in the market

  • Danabol DS

Danabol DS is an in demand oral steroid which is commonly used by bodybuilders around the world. What this substance does is it provides excellent effects when it comes to protein metabolism. This steroid works brilliantly in supporting the buildup of protein.

  • Anabol

Anabol is a modern steroid used by bodybuilders. The substance comes in both oral and injectable forms. What makes this drug amazing is of how it produces incomparable impact to protein build-up and synthesis. With that, your nitrogen is balanced and general health is improved.

  • Methandrostenolon

 This certain drug is a Russian brand name which was manufacture red by Akrikhin. It generally comes out in 5mg tablets.

 What are the benefits in taking Danabol DS and testosterone?

Many are now taking the best Danabol DS brand together with testosterone because of the extraordinary effects it provides. With the two together, certainly you’ll get:

oMore strength

Weightlifters need to gain strength. When it comes to the improvement of muscle power, what they commonly do is to take steroids. Having Danabol as part of their workout can help them build more strength which enables them to work much faster.

oMore muscles

Gaining muscles is a thing for bodybuilders. With this, they take more of their time working out. But exercising isn’t enough to build muscles fast which is why steroids like Dbol is used. When partnered with testosterone, the effect works quicker than the usual, thus, bringing in more muscles to your system.

oEnhanced performance

If stamina is your thing, then Dianabol can do the job right for you. And this works much faster when partnered with testosterone. Many bodybuilders train so hard to gain muscles intensely and the help of this amazing steroid can bring more to the workout maneuver.

oLesser fat

When it comes to fat, Dbol and testosterone working together comes out effectively. Just by taking the steroid, you’ll easily gain 2-4 pounds in a week but the help of testosterone can burn it all, consequently replacing them with muscles.

oLower catabolic stress

It is crucial for bodybuilders to get more muscles, and with that, intense training is needed. But with such forceful activity comes stress. With the help of Dbol and testosterone, catabolic stress is clearly reduced.

What are the risks in using Danabol DS?

Taking the drug is good but when done excessively, dangers surely arise. Some side effects that you want to avoid are:

  • Growth of breast tissue

There are male users who have noticed something on their breasts, and yes, they are growing. Dbol is an estrogenic drug and can cause gynecomastia.

  • Hair growth

Hair growth for men is natural but for women, that is already a problem. Dianabol can increase masculine characteristics which is why some female users grow body and facial hair.

  • Acne and oily skin

Of course, Dianabol is an outstanding steroid which helps in cultivating your physique, but somehow, it causes acne as well.

  • Liver damages

Dianabol is dangerous when taken excessively as it can also damage your liver. Aside from harming your liver, it can also cause cancer issues in some cases.


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