Comfort is one thing that no one wants to compromise with. And when we talk about comfort, sleep is the first thing that comes to mind.

If you are having a difficult time getting a comfortable sleep, it is time to look back on the mattress you are using. Of course, sleep deprivation can be due to many reasons, but the most logical one is using the wrong mattress.

So, which one is the right mattress? Well, there are many factors responsible for making it the perfect mattress and the most important one is the material used.

Imagine crawling to your bed, tired and dead exhausted and your bed welcomes every unique body curve, hugging your body. No more joint pain, no more pain in the back and no more pain at pressure points. Now imagine sleeping soundly all night long, waking up fresh and full of energy. If this sounds like complete bliss, you might want to try an Orthopedic Mattress, one of our top selling products.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

If we could get this perfect sleep every night, we would definitely like to know what an Orthopedic Mattress is. Memory foam is a type of material, which was originally developed for NASA, back in the 1960s, especially for the spaceship seats, shock-absorbing, pressure-relieving etc.

A few years later, memory foam was also being used in helmets, shoes, seating pads, etc. And it was in the 1990s that memory foam mattresses were introduced. Memory foam is basically made of a versatile plastic polymer also known as polyurethane. This plastic is a substance with large molecules, made up of many similar small subunits linked together. This property of the polyester gives two main qualities to the memory foam mattress – viscosity and elasticity.

So basically, the memory foam mattress provides the perfect comfort needed for a peaceful sleep. Memory foam mattress in India is in high demand. Memory foam mattresses are made with different layers of foam. It adapts to your body, creating a constant cushion of support. It also preserves this support up to twice as long as internal spring mattresses due to the more durable materials.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

One of the most popular types of memory foam mattress is – orthopedic memory foam mattress. This mattress is a blend of memory foam and bonded foam, making it the best choice for people suffering from back pain or joint pain. UrbanBed presents Ninjaback Orthopedic Mattress which is a mattress that provides multiple layers cushioning effect for extreme comfort and orthopedic support. The different layers of the memory foam offer equal pressure distribution areas for head, shoulder, knee, lower leg, etc. If you are wondering about the Orthopedic Mattress Price, UrbanBed offers the most competitive price in the market.

The Orthopedic Mattress Price range may differ from company to company. UrbanBed offers memory foam mattresses“ in different sizes suitable for all your needs. If you want a specific size mattress, you can also click on the option of a custom size.

Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress In India

  1. Personalized Sleeping Experience:

Every person’s sleeping needs and experiences are unique. And one of the major benefits of an ortho mattress is, no matter what your needs are, what your body size or weight, this mattress molds itself perfectly to every individual’s requirements.

  1. No More Back Pains:

Another major benefit of the memory foam mattress is, it can easily handle the usual back pain complaint. The multiple layers of the foam support your body weight firmly and cuddling in all the curves, including your back and hips perfectly. This completely prevents the pack pain issue.

  1. Clam And Relaxed Sleep:

According to the experts, your body temperature should be slightly low while sleeping. And the materials used in memory foam mattress and the cellular structure ensures good air circulation. It is a scientifically proven fact that cool temperature, while sleeping relaxes your body and you get a peaceful sleep.

  1. Goodbye To Allergies:

If you are suffering from any type of dust, pollen or mite allergies, you should be a little extra careful while choosing your mattress. But when it comes to a memory foam mattress, you have nothing to worry about. Another important benefit of the memory foam mattress is the polyurethane material used in the mattress. It ensures that dust particles or mites and pollens do not stick to the mattress. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your allergy which suddenly flares up while you are sleeping on the wrong mattress.

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