Using glass beadsfor jewelry and a wide array of other projects can be fun, and the great part is that these beads won’t break that easily. Glass beads also allow light reflection which does make the entire experience a lot more exciting and rewarding than what you expect.

If you want a good combination of glass beads, we recommend you check all the Matudo Beads on offer, as they come with a multitude of great features. Some of the beads we offer are superduo and they can be usedinmany interesting situations.

On the other hand, you also have superunos that look fantastic, and you also get the rolled glass beads which are a delight to use. That’s what makes glass beads distinct, the fact that you have them in various shapes and sizes. As a result, it will be very easy to integrate them into any project that you might want without any restrictions. That alone shows the great value and quality that can be delivered here.

All you need is to check your project, see how many glass beads you need and then you can come to Matubo to offer you the necessary amount of beads as fast as possible.

Matudo is a high standard, professional glass beads manufacturer and it has created thousands of glass beads at some of the best prices on the market. That alone shows the professionalism and expertise that you can get when you work with us. Plus, the glass beadsare delivered very fast anywhere in the world.

These are authentic Czech glass beads that are rare and you can’t find them anywhere else in the entire world. Not only are they designed with value and quality in mind, but the whole experience is second to none all the time. That’s what you will like here, the fact that these beads can be combined with one another to create a distinct, unique set of features that will make your jewelry stand out. These provide you with an incredible value, and in the end you will be impressed with the overall results.


People that use glass beads know that the value can be second to none when you purchase authentic pieces. And that’s exactly what you can get here. With these fabulousglass beads you will be able to acquire the value you want and the experience will be second to none all the time.

If you want some impressive, colorful glass beads you should consider visiting the Matubo shop as fast as possible. Here you can find a multitude of amazing glass beads that you can use at any given time. Not only do these provide you with excellentquality and an impressive set of features, but they also look amazing.

And since there are so many shapes and colors to choose from, you will have no problem finding the right fit for you. Don’t hesitate and check out the Matubo store right away, you will be more than impressed with the results!

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