All parents desire for their children to receive the best education possible so that they grow and develop into happy and healthy adults. Some parents tend to leave this almost exclusively to educational institutions, but a large part of education actually starts at home. Of course, for new parents especially, it can be a difficult time both emotionally and physically. Caring for any young child has ups and downs. But there are some strategies that a new parent can put in place to ensure that his or her child starts off his or her life on the right foot.

Strategies for Preparing Your Child for School

For most new parents, the thought of school seems a long way away. In reality, though, most children begin their formal schooling around the age of five or six and benefit from good preparation at home. With this in mind, here are some educational strategies that any new parent can put into practice to start his or her child’s education in the right way:

  • Reading: Developing literacy skills is essential in this day and age and a lot of these early skills are developed at home even before children begin nursery school or formal schooling. Even though your baby or toddler cannot read the words, simply sitting with him or her and reading age-appropriate books aloud will teach him or her all about the cadence of speech, the fact that words are associated with sounds and language, and that words also elicit emotions. These are all very important foundational skills for learning to read and also for learning language.
  • Play: There are many high-quality toys on the market for children of all early ages. Playing with your baby or toddler produces an emotional response, develops his or her gross and fine motor skills, and improves his or her More importantly, it also stimulates new neural connections in his or her rapidly developing brain.

Every Child Is Unique

Once your child is ready for a nursery such as, you will have reinforced his or her learning to such a degree that he or she will develop in this environment even more rapidly. The best nurseries treat each child based on his or her uniqueness and tailor education specifically for each child. They recognise the importance of addressing each child’s unique needs and cognitive development.

Such a tailored approach is important because it reinforces the work that new parents have done in the home environment in terms of reading, playing, and stimulating their children so that they are well prepared for more formal educational environments. Additionally, the best nurseries around Dubai also offer smaller classes than other nursery environments do. It has long been known that smaller classes provide more one-to-one time between individual children and educators. Potentially, this leads to better reinforcement of existing skills and more rapid development of new ones.

Having children and ensuring that they get the best start in life is something of a challenge, but the rewards are immense. Watching your child grow and learn about the world is like nothing else!

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