Physical therapy can aid people to get full movement and strength after illness and injury in the key parts of their body. Physical therapy is very effective in rebuilding a person’s strength. It also helps him in rebuilding a range of motion with the injured parts of the body. Along with all these it is very effective in managing pain irrespective of the reason behind that pain. It can be disease like arthritis, bad posture, and injury. Physical therapy at NYDNREHAB must be followed consistently and it should be done properly. If a person follows these two then he can prevent recurring problems and permanent damages.

Physical therapy is a bunch of techniques. These techniques are used are used to enhance coordination, endurance, strength, range of motion and flexibility. It also helps greatly in relieving from pain. In physical therapy it is also possible that experts suggest the person under treatment to use exercise equipments. For example they may include treadmills and bikes in the treatment process.

So, one of the techniques they use is exercising the targeted treatment area. Along with this, they may also use aquatic therapy which involves doing exercises in a swimming pool. Other than they may also use, massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat and cold therapies. In majority of the cases Physical therapy at NYDNREHAB involves, soft tissue massage. This is done on the injured areas. They also oversee the person under treatment in stretching routines.

There are few exercises which experts teach patient which must be practiced even at home. These at home exercises help a lot and they are necessary for the treatment to work. Along with the exercises done at physical therapy treatment center, at home exercise can help in person’s recovery to be faster and better.


A physical therapist:

One important thing to check is a physical therapist must be qualified enough to give the treatment. They must have completed an advanced degree which is done in physical therapy. Along with this they must have license given by state to practice. Dpt or doctoral degree is the entry level degree that must be completed by a physical therapist.

There are many different specialization areas in which they may specialize in like doctors. There are specialist who work mainly on injuries caused by sports. Other may get expertise in skin injuries, muscle damage, wounds, and head injuries. Other than this few physical therapists mainly focus on elderly, very ill, babies, children, or athletes.

Doctors should recommend the right physical therapist who can take care of the injuries. One must feel comfortable with the physical therapist from whom he is taking the treatment. Patients must ask question with the therapist if they have any.

Some of them may be,

    • Person may ask the question about their experience and their expertise in that field
    • How he decides which program will better work for that particular case.
    • What is the equipment that is planned to use by physical therapist for the particular condition.
    • How long it will take to complete one session of the treatment.
  • How long the complete treatment will take and how many sessions it involves?

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