Raja Ampat in Indonesia is home to some of the gorgeous islands on Earth. Isn’t it time you researched this secret corner of heaven? Raja Ampat is not like anyplace else on the planet. It’s raw, rugged, and also the closest thing to paradise I’ve discovered.

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Above the floor, exotic birds call to one another, gigantic colorful butterflies flutter by, and hermit crabs dance across the sand. Below sea level, majestic lionfish prowl through the seas beyond tropical fish, purple pufferfish, turtles, whales, and dolphins. These Indonesian waters will be the most biodiverse in the world, and if you pop your head to get a moment, you will be astounded at what you find.

Together with breathtaking landscapes, incredible cruising, snorkeling, and endless sunshine, there’s a heart and soul to this region of Indonesia. The people with smiles in their faces. Plus, they had been receptive, welcoming, and created our own experience extra special.

The Best Activity

  1. Piaynemo

When you’re planning your Raja Ampat itinerary, you only have to see Piaynemo. This is the most well-known view of the archipelago.

  1. Arborek Island

A trip to Arborek is essential! The island is available to tourism using children greeting visitors with traditional dances and a village tour. It’s a tiny place with around 200 residents, a church, school, several homes remain, and basic shops.

  1. Diving and Snorkeling

The diving and snorkeling in Raja Ampat are supposedly one of the best in the world, with more than 1,400 species of fish-loving its reef. You can snorkel from the dock’s close and saw a plethora of tropical fish, including angelfish, needlefish, several lionfish, batfish, and even a purple pufferfish. In the evenings, we spotted wandering sharks near the shore. The coral was beautiful too.

Also in the incredibly diverse waters have been bluefin jacks, manta rays, gray reef sharks, blacktips, whitetips, and the evasive wobbegong – a kind of shark only present in this region. The Raja Ampat diving is genuinely off the scale! After a very long day at the water, there is no better way to unwind by viewing Raja Ampat’s incredible sunsets.

The Ideal Time to Visit

The ideal time to see Raja Ampat is between October and April, with the very best conditions towards the year’s close. It’s pretty much bang for the equator with average highs of 31 C and lows of 25 C. June and July are the wettest months. Still, in this tropical paradise, you become used to seeing storm clouds on most days. Thankfully they pass pretty fast!

Getting There

Raja Ampat is an archipelago featuring over 1,500 small islands situated off the coast of West Papua, north-east of both Java and Bali. The journey isn’t simple, so you do need to make use of your paradise experience! While I can’t guarantee this Raja Ampat travel site will be 100 percent up to date with information for the archipelago area that you’re trying to reach, hopefully, it will provide you some pointers.

  1. From Jakarta, fly into Sorong (4 hours 5 mins). Some flights may go via Makassar.
  2. From Sorong, have a taxi to the harbor (15 mins).
  3. Once at the harbor, shoot the Bahari Express ferry to Waisai, which is on the island of Waigeo. The state ferry takes two hours.
  4. From that point, you’ll need to arrange a cab boat along with your Raja Ampat accommodation. Most homestays and resorts will organize your moves.

Vacation is more than just the view, food, or accommodation. It’s about making memorable memories. Discover more adventures in Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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