The workplace has gone through some rather substantial changes in a relatively short period of time, most notably for many has been the major shift to remote working over the past year in something that is certainly looking to be a more permanent change, but there are other potential changes on the way with a potential for the four-day work week to become common. Whilst both changes have a much wider impact on smaller businesses, there has been another shift recently that have seen many instead find new reliance and success through location independence, but could this be a more permanent future for small business much like the shift to remote work has been for employees?

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Many already leading the charge – For those looking for a blueprint to success, there’s plenty of good news in the services that have already successful made the adjustment, one of the biggest spaces is within tech currently with the launch and growth of many indie developed sites and services when you can look at ukonlinecasinoslist for example to find some of the best – for location independent options for business and players alike, but other industries such as vlogging and podcasting have topped this list for a much longer period of time in particular. It does provide a platform for others to follow and has been a catalyst for many to change over this past year in particular.

Self-employed options certainly fit here too – With many bigger places closing with the uncertainty of opportunities to re-open again, many employees have managed to seek out the opportunities in self-employment by starting up their own small business, or even retaining their primary position whilst having a little something on the side as studies suggest many professionals have made that adjustment already – largely with thanks to different online sites like Fiverr which have allowed professionals to take their skillset and deliver it to an online audience, and will continue to be a platform that allows many others to do the same too. As with those that have already made the charge, it provides a great blueprint for success moving forward, and doesn’t require all of the knowledge for how to attract an audience and get their name out there which has been a difficult approach for many in the past, particularly without any initial exposure to get things off the ground in the first place.

Different tech is only gearing up to make this transition that much easier, and without a doubt location independent business is growing quickly in popularity – whether or not bigger names will follow suit is yet to be seen, although there are certainly opportunities for them to do so, especially those that have already implemented remote working in a much wider way.