When shopping for a piece of Islamic jewelry, compare the quality, price, and service of various online stores. Consider asking family, friends, or colleagues for recommendations. If you don’t know the seller, check their reputation by doing an internet search. Enter the seller’s name into a search engine along with the words “complaints” or “comments.” Before you finalize the deal, ask what the store’s return and refund policies are.

Think before you buy

When you are thinking about buying something high priced like Islamic jewelry from the best site, it is best to make a few decisions. What budget do you have? Are you looking for a certain type of metal or stone? Any certain brand? If you calculate each question properly, you are less likely to make an impulsive purchase that you will end up regretting.

When I buy on the internet?

Before buying, make some research to verify the legitimacy of the brand, or buy from well-known stores. You can research a store’s reputation by entering the seller’s name into a search engine. Before you buy, get the product details, as well as the merchant’s refund and return policies. Make sure they give you an actual address or phone number to contact the seller in case you have any questions or problems. Call the phone number to check it out. It is important that you find out if the seller is based in another country.

What to consider?

If you understand the terms jewelers use, you will be better able to evaluate a piece of jewelry and decide for yourself if it is worth what it costs. Ask what the refund and return policies are before you buy. Look for the corresponding markings for gold, silver and platinum jewelry. If you are shopping for pearls, ask if they are natural, cultured, or imitation. Ask if a gemstone is natural, lab-created or imitation. If it is a treated stone, ask if the change is permanent, if it needs to be cared for in any particular way, and if the treatment affects the value of the stone.


Verify that the receipt contains the information on which you based your purchase decision: the weight or size of the stone. Some jewelers may provide you with a qualification report from the gemological laboratory. If you have a problem with the jewelry you purchased, first try to resolve it with the jeweler/online store.

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