Competing in a fishing tournament can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. Here are the top tips to bring your A Game.

Are you looking to win more prizes at the fishing tournaments that you compete in? Maybe you’re thinking about entering one for the very first time. Perhaps you’ve been doing it for a while and are looking for some pointers.

Whatever the case might be, there are certain strategies that you can use to improve your chances of winning. 

If you want to make the catch of the day, then you have to go where the big fish are. See below for several tips on how to become a fishing tournament champion. Be sure to use all of these tips to your advantage.

1. Get Experience on Your Side

You wouldn’t expect to win a baseball tournament without having players with significant experience in the sport. You wouldn’t be expecting to win a bowling tournament without someone that can get a strike every turn.

The same goes for your fishing tournament endeavors. You can’t expect to win a fishing tournament without at least one heavily-experienced fisherman.

However, the experience goes far beyond that. You have to make sure that you’ve got someone on your team with experience in the tournament you’re entering.

For example, if you’re entering a fishing tournament for bass, then get someone that either has experience on the lake it takes place at, bass fishing, or (preferably) both. This will give you a leg up on the competition.

The experience they have will even out the rest of your team. They can chime in on everything from where to start fishing, what bait to use, which lures to use, and so on.

2. Watch the Pros

Many golfers model their game after Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Many baseball players model their game against Mike Trout (pun intended) and Ronald Acuna Jr. It always helps to have a professional to model your game after in the sport that you love.

Fishing is no different. If you’ve ever watched a tournament on the Major League Fishing Pro Tour before, then you know there are many things you can learn from these amazing fishermen.

You can learn everything from the strategy on how to troll the water, when to have patience (and when to move on), how to stay focused, and so on.

Also, if you notice, these men and women always keep a positive attitude. They control the things they can control, prepare, and strategize where they can, and adjust to whatever happens while they’re out on the water that day.

The key is to listen to the interviews of the winners. Unlike most sports, the fishing tournament winners will go into great detail of what they saw out there and the strategy they used. You can also find various YouTube channels on fishing for this purpose!

3. Invest in the Right Trolling Motor

What might be virtually silent to your ears might not be as silent to the fish that you’re trying to catch. 

However, finding the perfect trolling motor is a double-edged sword. If you get one that’s too quiet, then you risk getting caught in marshy areas. If you purchase one that’s too powerful, then it might be too loud and scare off your big catch (and all the other fish).

For that reason, you need the best of both worlds. Choosing a trolling motor such as the DC Goplus 86lb thrust trolling motor might be the best investment you’ll make all season long. Be sure to read this review for more specifics.

Whether you’re trying to win the tournament or toy with different bait and lure combinations, the trolling motor will suit you well. It has easy controls that you’ll get a feel for almost instantaneously, giving you one less thing to worry about while fishing.

4. Always Plan Ahead

Before going into the big day of the fishing tournament, you have to envision yourself making the big catch. What’s it going to take? How can you prepare yourself in advance?

First things first, you should always have a plan for your bait. Don’t purchase bait the day-of, the day before, or even the week leading up to the tournament. Always lock down your bait as far in advance as possible to ensure you aren’t getting leftovers.

Next, organize your equipment accordingly. Have all of your rods and tackle ready to be put in a specific spot in your boat. Envision that in your mind. Place them in the same location whenever you take the boat out for practice leading up to the big day.

Lastly, you should practice, but be sure not to overdo it. Focus on keeping the positive vibes on your boat amongst your team. It goes a long way!

5. Refer to Electronics As Your Guide

Plain and simple: all anglers on the boat should have a general idea of how to use and interpret the electronics you’ll be using. If one person doesn’t have experience, be sure to take them out a day or two beforehand to show them the ropes, they’ll pick it up quickly.

The electronics can help you watch out for things like finding the optimal water temperature, finding schools of bait that your catch hovers around, and the water clarity as well.

While fishing, you might find yourself too dialed in or frustrated to refer back to the electronics. If your entire team knows how to operate and read the electronics you use, you can rotate that responsibility and keep your mind fresh.

Use These Tips to Win Your Fishing Tournament

Now that you’ve seen several helpful tips that you can use to improve your chances of winning a fishing tournament, it’s time to start with the first step.

Be sure to invest in the right equipment to give yourself and your team the edge that you need.

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