Baby’s first year can be very challenging for new parents. They’re tired, worn out, emotional, scatter-brained, and they also find themselves unable to keep up with household chores. While it may appear as though things will stay that way, they most definitely won’t; the first year will go very fast, and there are many ways to make it far easier to survive.

Dedicated Bath Time

Every day, both parents should have 30 minutes of uninterrupted bath time. This relaxing half hour serves to soothe each parent’s mind, while allowing their bodies to rest in the warm water. Try playing some soothing, inspirational music, lighting some pleasantly scented candles, and using some skin nourishing bath additives. By relaxing all of the senses, parents will feel refreshed and rejuvenated in order to finish the day.

Stay on Top of Supplements

Supplements are very, very important during this difficult transition in life. Vitamins help to replenish everything the body is not receiving due to a potentially nutrient-deficient diet, as it can be nearly impossible to meal plan and prepare complete, healthy meals during the first few months. For mothers who are feeding naturally, they will need an extra boost from vitamins to ensure their babies are getting all that they need. Supplements for brain health are incredibly helpful as well, because many parents find themselves to be scatter brained, forgetful, and frequently daydreaming.

Getting On a Schedule

Babies can stay awake or become upset for a variety of reasons. At first, these different issues can be hard to pinpoint. By getting on a schedule as soon as possible, fits and wakefulness due to hunger, over tiredness, gas, and diaper changes can be diagnosed far more easily. This makes it easier to identify any extraordinary problems such as wonder weeks, constipation, diaper rash, illness, over-stimulation, or potential discomfort from clothes. A happy baby results in a calm home.

As the months continue to fly by, baby’s first year will become just a little bit easier and far more “normal”. Baby will begin to follow a schedule, both parents will become accustomed to the new lifestyle, and there will be many cherished, sweet memories created.


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