When you own a horse, you find out quickly how expensive they can be to take care of. Even with the cost, a horse can be a great pet and animal to have and enjoy raising. Many horse owners are faced with the decision on whether or not to purchase horse insurance from a reputable company such as www.arkagency.com. Obtaining insurance for your horse is the right way to protect it and your finances in the event the horse gets sick, injured or hurts someone else.


This type of equine insurance is to help cover the costs if your horse dies. If you have plans to replace your horse after they die, this portion of the insurance coverage will help to pay for the replacement costs. It can also help pay for the costs of removing and burying your horse. The premium for this type of insurance is typically based on the age, breed and use of your horse.


Different insurance companies offer a variety of medical options for your horse. With some companies, the coverage will not be more than the value or a percentage of the value of your horse. Other companies will offer plans that have set medical coverage limits regardless of the horse’s perceived value.

Major Medical

This is a more popular branch of horse insurance coverage options. This insurance will help to cover costs associated with surgeries and other major treatment options in the event your horse is seriously hurt or ill. There will be a set limit to the coverage amounts for major medical insurance.


This is an important policy to consider. If your horse hurts another person or damages another person’s property, you could be held personally liable. If you don’t have protection for this under your homeowner’s policy, this type of horse insurance should be a definite consideration.

As the owner of a horse, you are responsible for its health, happiness and wellness. It is also important to ensure you keep yourself protected from liabilities that your horse could accidentally cause. When you own a horse, it is better to be on the safe side and purchase insurance coverage.

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