A recent survey done on athletes and body builders health revealed the fact that maximum members from sports field are suffering with low libido. Besides, we all know that most of the body builders and sportsmen use steroids regularly for various reasons. Few sportsmen use steroids to improve their performance while few to gain weight, improve muscle strength and etc.

Using the steroids with high dosage levels can actually cause low libido. There are many people who usually use high dosage steroids daily to achieve the results within a short period of time. But here you need to remember the fact that using steroids with high dosage levels can actually damage your health condition. Consulting a physician is very important before using any kind of supplement to avoid health problems in future.

How can Anavar help you?

Anavar is a great supplement to use for body building. Besides, Anavar could increase libido as well when correct dosage is taken daily. Another interesting fact about this supplement is even women can use it without having any questions in their mind. Remember that its dosage differs from one person to other person depending upon their weight. This supplement is available in 3 different forms and they include

  • Anavar capsules
  • Anavar tablets
  • Anavar liquid

You can happily choose one from the above list as per your comfort.

Dosage Guide

Women can take 10mg Anavar daily to achieve their desired results in a safe way without side effects. Besides, for athletes and body builders the recommended dosage is 20 to 50mg per day. Men athletes can increase their dosage levels up to 80 mg, but they have to bear the fact in mind that even the side effect increases along with the dosage levels. You could also consult a physician if you want to know in detail about the dosage level.

Buying Anavar supplement from a store outside requires a doctor’s prescription. However, doctor’s prescription is not required to buy this steroid online, and this is one of the reasons why most of the people buy Anavar from online steroid stores. You will also find some attractive offers on steroids online, but you have to make sure whether those offers are really genuine or not. To avoid all these confusion you could buy steroids which you are looking for from a reputed steroid store online.

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