Although online pharmacies are only just building their position on the market, there are more and more situations in which online pharmacy purchases are a more convenient way to buy drugs. It is worth knowing all the advantages of online pharmacies.

Whether it is more profitable to buy drugs online or in-store depends on many factors. The availability of products, promotional prices, the convenience of buying medicines without leaving home (e.g. in case of illness) is some of the many advantages.

Online pharmacies – greater assortment, more time for yourself

Smaller cities do not always guarantee high-quality medical services, and there is a shortage of well-stocked pharmacies. It is estimated that in some communes over 27,000 women have one gynaecological office and … one pharmacy. First of all, online pharmacy works well in such situations.

Sometimes it happens that in a stationary pharmacy, due to the monopoly, the prices of drugs are sometimes overstated. Often, there is also a shortage of extremely popular drugs (because the entire stock is sold out quickly) or rare drugs (because they are not imported at all). In some pharmacies in smaller towns, it is also impossible to purchase contraceptive hormonal pills. In such situations, we will buy the necessary drugs online much cheaper, faster and more conveniently.

It is true that when ordering, the time of delivery of drugs should be taken into account, but the purchasing process itself is devoid of both leaving home and waiting in queues. Also, the availability of drugs is immediately visible in the online pharmacy. The whole process takes a while, which in the case of illness or lack of time can be a relief and relief.

Stationary pharmacies – trusted pharmacists, regular orders

Stationary shopping is profitable if the pharmacy is trusted – purchases are made regularly and prices remain at the same level. If you take medications and supplements regularly, the pharmacist will likely order them knowing about the upcoming visit. However, it is not always possible to reach the pharmacy on time and the medicines that are put aside can be sold.

An interesting option is also the combination of online ordering of drugs with collection at the station. We can then order the funds with the option of delivery to a stationary pharmacy in the area, which ensures their proper storage during transport and that they will be waiting for collection.

Health protection more and more online

The trend of moving various forms of health services online is becoming more and more noticeable. Many doctors already offer the so-called Television visits, i.e. medical consultations taking place via a telephone or video call, during which e-prescriptions and e-ZLA (electronic sick leave) is issued. It is not difficult to get used to the convenience of these solutions, so patients expect that other entities, including pharmacies, will adapt to the new realities.

Patients have repeatedly indicated that the most convenient solution would be ordering drugs online, with the option of online payment and delivery directly to the apartment’s door.