If you are looking to adopt a new kitten, you obviously would be eager to learn about some of the friendliest feline breeds. As you may already know, cats are a lot different from dogs. And while dogs are jolly good fellows, this can’t be said for all cat’s breed. Whether you are shopping for a pet or an animal gift, you can find important facts below about the Bengal cat.

One thing about felines is that they have a wild appearance and look intimidating, especially for large-sized breeds. When it comes to the best cat for the family, Bengals appear on top of the list with other kinds.

History of Bengals

Notable for being a wild breed, the Bengal cat is a domesticated feline breed that was born by crossing a leopard cat with a domestic one. The first Bengals dates back to the 1950s when breeders in America experimented on wild and domestic cats. What started as a clinical experiment to see how felines could react to specific treatments, later became a process of birthing a new breed of kittens.

Basic Information About Bengal Cats

If you are interested in adopting a Bengal cat, you surely want to know the domestic felines breeds’ essential features. Not all kittens are the same, and while they may share some distinct characteristics at birth, you want to be able to tell a Bengal apart from other felines.

Getting one to adopt is pretty easy, and you should be able to care for it, without having to try hard. You should check with a breeder with years of working with felines, or you can also look at an animal shelter if you are looking to rescue a kitten and take home as a pet. Some of the essential things to know about this feline breed include

·         Attributes

You would quickly learn as they grow that Bengals are super active and playful, and if there are kids or pups in the house, you can rest assured that they will feel right at home. They are quick learners and easy to train and do well to organize their affairs. So, you can expect them to be able to use the potty, keep the perimeter, and avoid tearing up the place when left alone. You can learn more here from this comprehensive guide on how to live with cats.

It is best not to keep your pet bored around the house to curb destructive behaviors. So, you should ensure to have pet playthings lying around to occupy them. Trees are a necessity in your surrounding as they like to get as high as they can. So, it is common to find them on top of the TV, door, ceiling, and roof. Splashing around in water is another thing Bengals love to do, so you can expect to find them in the tub, shower, pond, or kitchen sink.

Bengals are average weighted felines and usually range from eight to 15 pounds. They grow quickly within the first six months after birth and could reach maximum size by 18 months. The mode of feeding and exercise are some of the factors that could affect a Bengals size. And ideally, you want to take your pet’s nutrition and fitness seriously.

·         Caring for Bengal Cats

Grooming is essential for domesticated felines even if their coat appear spotless, you still want to follow strict hygiene if you want them to stay healthy. They love to scratch a lot, and you want to trim their nails regularly (as often as once a week).

Exercise is also essential to keep them in the best physical appearance. Of course, you should have the best chow and grubs for cats in your cabinet. Treats are also a welcome addition for snacking options and reward your pet when they play along.

A scheduled visit to the vet at least once a year is also part of their routine care. It would also be best to check with one before administering any form of treatment for minor feline ailments. There are more useful tips here https://animals.howstuffworks.com/pets/how-to-care-for-a-cat.htm on complete feline hygiene, feeding, and care.

Final Note

Bengals are warm, agile, and lovely breeds of cats. They do well with kids, dogs, and other pets. They love to climb a lot and splash in the water. They don’t do too well alone and can roam around the neighborhood when bored. So, you want to have a lot of fun things planned if you want them to hang around the house.

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