Startups need to grow their business but cannot afford the big expenses of renting a space. Thus, they have to rely on the co-working space which allows suitable growth to their business. Having a co-working is best suited for a business of all sizes. However, the pros and cons of the shared office spaces are equally balanced and one has to keep in mind these factors to find the right shared office for their needs. 

Disadvantages of Shared Office Space

  1. Distractions

A shared co-working space is shared by many people and thus might not be suitable for your business if you are seeking privacy. While all the facilities can be provided at a co-working space finding peace can be difficult. With so many people working together one can easily get into distraction and thus the productivity might be affected. Find low cost shared workspace for your needs. 

  • Proximity to Competitors

Almost all the start do face competition from a higher entity. While this can be a good thing as it proves valuable to the idea of growing, but you do not wat your competitors looking over your shoulder at the ideas. This is completely possible for shared co-working spaces. 

Advantages of co-working space

  1. Flexibility

With co-working spaces, you do have a lot of flexibility in a limited budget. Not only do co-working spaces have flexible cost and space options but there are numerous plans to choose from. These plans are designed to meet the requirements of different projects and will completely fit your need. 

  • Opportunity to Network

While working at a shared co-working space can have some downfalls to working with people, it will allow you to meet the startup founders from different niches and see their ideology. Working in this peer group keeps you motivated and will help you grow quickly into a larger firm. You can get the right office space for rent in South Delhi in case you are planning to expand your start-up.

  • Amenities and Services

While at a private space you will have to see for all the amenities, at a co-working space all the services and amenities will be provided by the company managing the co-working space and this can be a great short-term option when you are not sure about the increasing size of your team.

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